15th Global Microgrid Innovation Forum in London to review latest advancements in EMEA, APAC and LATAM

The three-day in-person Forum focuses on business models, case studies, financing and technology developments for off-grid and rural electrification scenarios

The global microgrid market size is estimated to be USD 26.9 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 63.2 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 18.6% during the forecast period.* Reasons for this projected growth include falling solar energy costs, advances in energy storage, a desire to mitigate climate change, the need to improve grid resilience, and cost savings from the reduction of fossil fuels in remote production systems. In addition, microgrids will play a central role in electrifying rural and developing regions where access to reliable, clean and affordable energy is a top priority.

The 15th edition of the Microgrid Global Innovation Forum, 11-13 September 2022 in London (www.microgridinnovation.com), focuses on microgrid advancements, case studies and applications in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and in Latin America. Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the focus is on maximizing the efficient use of renewable and distributed energy resources, refining the positive business model for a range of microgrid deployments and sharing research studies. real cases both on-grid and off-grid. /remote environments.

“This will be a great opportunity to interact directly with industry thought leaders at the forefront of microgrid deployment,” said Daniel Coran, Forum Program Manager. “The European edition of this Forum focuses in particular on the rural electrification of regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa and other key growth regions.”

Confirmed speakers include:
– Kristina Skierka, CEO, Power for All
– Gillian-Alexandre Huart, CEO, ENGIE Energy Access
– Alexis Chalot, Vice-President – Storage, Microgrid, New Business, EDF Renewables
– Torsten Schreiber, Founder and CEO, Africa GreenTec
– Jessica Stephens, CEO, Africa Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA)
– Jalel Sager, CEO and Founder, New Sun Road
– Francisco Barcelo, Vice President, Europe & Mexico Power Systems Commercial, Schneider Electric
– Patrick Cousins, Vice President, Customer Success, Odyssey Energy
– Richard Mori, Co-Founder and CEO, MeshPower Rwanda
– Meera Shah, Commercial Director, Head of Home Energy and Off-Grid Utilities, Shell Foundation
– Leslie Labruto, Energy Manager, Acumen
– Javier Ayala, Team Leader, BRILHO Energy Africa
– Benjamin Hughes, Chief Investment Officer, Camco Clean Energy
– Aarti Mahajan, Program Manager, EnAccess Foundation
– Natasha Allen, Co-Founder and CEO, Illu
– Chris Smith, Director of Asset Development, GridBeyond
– Devashish Paul, CEO and Founder, BluWave-ai
– John Zamick, Founder and CEO, Smarter Microgrid Limited
– Jens Jaeger, Director of Policy and Business Development, Alliance for Rural Electrification
– Carlo Tacconelli, co-founder and CEO, EnGreen Solutions
– Nithya Menon, Product Development Manager, Okra Solar
– Cyril Colin, co-founder and CEO, Elum Energy
– Florian Martini, Research & Innovation Project Manager, Phaesun GmbH Germany
– Mike Murray, Co-Founder and COO, Ageto Energy
– Harry Demetriou, Senior Clean Energy Specialist, South Pole
– Iain Munro, Chief Strategy Officer, Ryse Energy
– George Kibala Bauer, Senior Knowledge and Advocacy Officer, GSMA
– Dr.-Ing. Niko A. Iliadis, Technical Director, EST Renewable Energy Systems
– And more

The Forum will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel – London Kingston Upon Thames. Previous editions have taken place in Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Washington, Chicago and Irvine, California.

“Our goal is to bring together key players in microgrid development across technology sectors and businesses for in-depth networking and information sharing,” Coran adds. “Microgrids are considered a key technology strategy to decarbonize the energy grid in developed and developing regions.”

Topics that will be covered during the three-day conference include:

• End-to-end microgrid design and financing for off-grid systems
• Designing the grid of the future to end energy poverty together faster: lessons learned from the “Twaake” pilot project in Uganda
• Laying the foundation stone for a sustainable microgrid industry in the 21st century
• Accelerating energy access in Africa: smart integration of solar home systems and mini-grids
• Innovative renewable energy business models based on the water-energy-food nexus
• Large Hybrid Microgrid Projects: Key Business Cases
• Microgrid Market Opportunities, Business Models and Funding Strategies
• Pan-African crowdfunding platform for mini-grids
• Engineering in a Typhoon: Lessons from Deploying Community DC Mesh Networks in Southeast Asia
• Energy management and SCADA technology strategies for hybrid energy systems
• The role of artificial intelligence in microgrid optimization
• Energy cloud: leveraging IoT to scale renewable energy-based microgrids
• Modular cooling for agricultural products and ice storage for load transfer in microgrids
• Technological advances in post-COVID-19 microgrids
• Accelerate and scale microgrid deployment with pre-engineered solutions
• Advances in data aggregation and data analysis for mini-grids
• Delivering value: using smart technologies to power a multi-service utility
• Expansion of off-grid solar energy and agribusiness in Africa
• Development and opportunities of the mini-grid market in Mozambique
• Key Trends, Considerations and Strategies for Financing and Microgrid Financing
• And much more

Event partners include the Alliance for Rural Electrification, Power for All, AMDA, India Energy Storage Alliance, Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA), Bloomberg NEF, THEnergy, African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA), ABI Research , International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Deeploo, altenergymag.com, Xprt Energy and others.

The Smart Grid Observer (www.smartgridobserver.com) is an online information resource and weekly newsletter covering current trends and developments in the smart energy and green technology sectors around the world.

For more information and to register, visit www.microgridinnovation.com

Melvin B. Baillie