2022/2023 Digital Currency Forum Opens in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China–(Newsfile Corp. – June 17, 2022) – On June 16, 2022/2023, the Digital Currency Forum and Hong Kong Digital Currency Institute Launch Ceremony was officially opened in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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Under the theme “New Era, New Technology, New Vision”, the forum explored how to emerge from the haze and restore normal economic vitality under the impact of COVID-19 as soon as possible. The forum brought together more than 900 authorities from politics and business, academia and science and technology from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and participants expressed their views and brought new knowledge and inspiration to the conference. . It is worth mentioning that this is the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak that Hong Kong has successfully hosted a large gathering of over 800 people at the Kerry Hotel in Hung Hom.

Scholars from all walks of life, including finance and academia attending the conference, are eager to stabilize Hong Kong’s financial situation and also hope that Hong Kong will soon catch up with the improvement and development of blockchain and digital assets on the overall industry environment. In addition, the conference hopes to create a communication platform between Hong Kong and the world through the Hong Kong Digital Currency Institute, a non-profit organization that organizes different exchange activities, so that different experts can promote development. of Hong Kong in this region, to fall behind to catch up with the pace of the global trend.

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In her speech, Maria Eugenia Amaya, Executive Chair of the World Digital Currency Forum (WDCF), the organizer of the forum, said that the WDCF provides a platform for government, business and financial leaders around the world to share ideas and exchange ideas on global challenges. from an international perspective, providing a context for policy makers to design innovative solutions and prepare for the future. The Forum bears an important responsibility in our efforts to emerge from the haze of COVID-19. On December 16, 2019, the Digital Currency Forum launched the first Global Digital Currency Forum, paving the way for an international dialogue on digital currency development. Over the past few years, WDCF has worked to enable global networks to continue to interact, share information, build alliances and find solutions through the use of technology. This year, WDCF has partnered with the Hong Kong Institute of Digital Currency to continue to heat up and shine.

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The forum also hosted the launch event of the Hong Kong Institute of Digital Currency. As a co-organizer of the forum, Dr. Jiyu Chen, Chairman of the Hong Kong Digital Currency Institute, said at the forum that the Hong Kong Digital Currency Institute’s mission is to promote the digital economy, by bringing together the strength of all parties and rising to the challenge. The Institute was established in 2021 with the strong support of the ACU Group, and with the merger of the Global Digital Forum and the Institute team this year, it also gives new impetus to the Institute. The Hong Kong Institute of Digital Currency has three major goals: first, to promote blockchain technology, legal and business standards, and establish unified standards; second, to invite experts from all walks of life to participate in the commercialization of the digital currency industry and strengthen; third, to nurture young people and initiate creativity by organizing conferences and forum meetings to cultivate talent for the industry. By establishing different committees, including financial technology, application research, development of technologies and international standards, talent training, legal and financial affairs and marketing, the Institute will study issues related to currency and, at the same time, nurture a new generation of industry talent, so that the digital economy can develop sustainably and build a better digital future together by pooling everyone’s knowledge.

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The forum also invited Pierre Olivier Bakalag from Cameroon, West and Central Africa to deliver a speech in which Olivier shared his personal experience of making daily payments and cross-border transfers via digital currencies and blockchain. during his two years in Hong Kong, and expressed his intention to promote the development of blockchain and digital currencies in poor countries like Africa through his role as a former professional soccer player and now the founder of Loyal Shield Inc Limited to promote the development of blockchain, digital currency in poor countries like Africa. In his speech, he said: “From Hong Kong, 10,890 kilometers from Cameroon, I have seen the positive changes brought by block and digital currency, and I want to use my network and knowledge to promote this financial technology. I hope to connect with representatives from different countries where I humbly seek advice from experts and learn more so that blockchain and digital currency can be successfully established in Africa, perhaps starting with my country of origin, Cameroon, so that more people can also enjoy the benefits created by these advanced financial technologies as soon as possible.”

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As co-host of the forum, ACU Group, David Schreiber, a leading figure in the blockchain industry, gave an in-depth presentation of the advancements brought about by blockchain technology and the ecosystem that AET will build. , using AET as a case study. ACU Group applies its blockchain technology to the finance-related ecosystem, which includes payments, exchanges, digital banking, and incubating good blockchain projects. Asia Eco-Token AET and ACU have formed a strategic partnership to build a global digital financial system ecosystem.” AET conducts five major activities to build the AET ecosystem: AET Member Reward Program, Digital Asset Trading Business, digital currency banking, blockchain investment and incubation, and global blockchain education and consulting.In addition, AET has launched a special community care development program, aiming to reach developing countries and to change lives through technology. Countries or regions selected for the program can directly realize the exchange of the country’s currency with AET for global circulation; with the help of the AET network, they can directly establish their own system e-money; meanwhile, ACU Group will provide technical support and services for the country in blockchain, digital currency and other other areas.

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During the forum, keynote speakers including Mr. Larry Chiang, Mr. Roy Lam, Dr. Cheney Tsoi and Louis Loh delivered excellent keynotes on hot topics such as digital transformation, ESG, the digital economy and the meta-universe, contributing new perspectives to the forum, which were well received by the public. Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP, Dr. Cheney Tsoi, Mr. Alex Yuen, HKBA President Mr. Tony Tong, Dr. Lo Wai Shun, Mr. Sam Lee, Mr. Victor Lee, Mr. Derek Leung and Mr. Philip Wong a participated in the discussion on the topics “Development and Opportunities of Digital Economy in Hong Kong”, “The Future Development of Web3 Fintech Meta-Universe”, shared their unique ideas and expressed their brilliant views.

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In the future, with the support of the World Digital Currency Forum, the Hong Kong Digital Currency Institute will continue to play a good role as a “bridge” to build a platform for practitioners in the field of currency to learn and communicate with each other, bringing new business opportunities for the development of the financial sector in Hong Kong. At the same time, by holding seminars from time to time, the Institute will establish contacts inside and outside the industry, strengthen industry cohesion, continuously promote the development of industry and will also bring new hope to people suffering from COVID-19.

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