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SINGAPORE and HONG KONG, June 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About June 17, 2022, Antalpha Technologies Ltd, a digital asset platform designed for institutions in traditional finance, digital assets and related mining industries, spoke at a forum hosted by UBS Private Wealth for its clients. Topics covered include recent market events, family office and institutional investor sentiment, how best to seize opportunities and manage risk in the digital asset space, and finding the right balance between regulation and growth.

The panel was moderated by Binnie WongHead of Business Development for UBS Asia-Pacific’s New Economy Strategy. Participants included Angelina KwanCOO of the Antalpha Group, Max LiaoGeneral Manager of Business Development of Antalpha, Sebastien BorgetCo-founder and COO of Sandbox, Henry ChongCEO of Fusang Corp and Josh duCash management at Animoca.

In response to a common question about how one should start investing in digital assets, Angelina Kwan stressed the importance of researching, contacting experts, and identifying reputable exchanges and companies, with an emphasis on safety and security. Josh du also shared the importance of understanding the volatility of cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which could be very volatile in nature. Additionally, investors should treat the investment as a “buy and hold” to allow for long-term growth regardless of short-term fluctuations.

On a final point, Henry Chong invited participants to examine the technological aspects of blockchain and digital assets to be integrated into traditional business models – whether through the metaverse, utility tokens or the tokenization elements of a balance sheet – and to bring together stakeholders of a business, including suppliers, employees and customers.

Max Liao from Antalpha also commented, “Whether it’s a bull or a bear market, disruptive technology always retains its value. The technology behind blockchain and digital assets, metaverse and cryptocurrency, has already started changing the world and is here to stay. As we move forward in the weeks and months ahead, a similar challenge remains for all businesses and investors. How, with an open mind, to look beyond the noise during this period of consolidation to identify opportunities today? today who will be the engines of growth and profit tomorrow? And how, with care and caution, do we identify the right opportunities to participate in and invest in?”

Since its inception in 2021, Antalpha has been working diligently with influential players in the traditional financial industry for deeper integration with the digital asset industry. This event is the first of many opportunities for outreach and collaboration in the months to come.

About Antalpha Technologies Ltd:

Antalpha Technologies Ltd is a key player in enabling institutional investors in traditional finance and the blockchain space to transition into global adoption of the emerging megatrend of digital assets. Antalpha is a strategic partner of Bitmain Technologies, working and collaborating closely on blockchain projects. Bitmain is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers through its Antminer brand, which has long maintained global market share and a leading position in technology, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

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