APC forum rebukes PDP governors for Buhari admin’s callous criticism

By Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

The APC Concerned Members’ Forum has reprimanded the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) governors for what it described as callous criticism and unwarranted attacks on the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Forum organizer Okpokwu Ogenyi, who launched the attack on the PDP governors, also claimed that they even resorted to contradiction in an attempt to paint President Buhari in a bad light.

The forum made particular reference to the governors’ allegation that CBN Governor Godwin Emeifele is funding the 2023 presidential campaign with public funds.

They claimed that the aim of the PDP governors was to salvage power from the ruling APC in the 2023 presidential and other elections.

“We want to discuss the frequent attacks on President Buhari’s government by PDP governors. Individually, the PDP governors have been callous and uncoordinated in criticizing the federal government, as most of the time they have contradicted each other in an attempt to paint the president in a bad light.

“PDP governors have now come together to launch a campaign against the Buhari administration with the aim of salvaging power from the ruling APC in 2023. We are not against any act of genuine criticism, but malicious, just like the Allegation against CBN Governor Godwin Emeifele financed the 2023 presidential campaign with public funds.

“It is more worrying that after the open confessions of these groups defending Emefiele’s involvement, the PDP governors are still accusing him of having financed his 2023 presidential campaign with public funds, all with the aim of tarnishing the image of President Buhari’s administration at a time the nation is grappling with insecurity.

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“PDP Governors should support the President in providing solutions to our collective problem instead of generating tension. The statement of the PDP governors is malicious, baseless and baseless. This is not the process to overthrow a ruling government, and certainly, the recent lies and fictions of the PDP governors cannot overthrow the APC government. Moreover, Nigerians are fed up with the PDP and may never wish to bring him back to power in the near future,” the forum warned.

Speaking further, Okpokwu said, “Let it be known that the Central Bank of Nigeria is working very hard to revamp the economy. The Buhari administration took power when the country was in economic recession, the same Emefiele revived the economy throughout the period of economic recession, he brought Nigeria to the best and strongest economy in Africa .

“The PDP governors have yet to openly congratulate President Buhari for these achievements, and to make it clearer, most of these double standard governors only criticize the CBN president and governor in the day, they secretly return to curry one favor or the other into the night.

“Ordinarily, PDP governors would praise the Buhari administration for reviving the economy where the PDP almost killed it, instead the governors have shamefully abdicated their respective responsibilities to falsely criticize a work system that has restored the country’s dignity before the international community.

“We call on President Buhari not to be distracted by the lie of some governors who could not pay the salaries of their workers and the pension of retirees. The CBN governor is expected to focus on his monetary policy to stabilize the economy. We are confident that Emeifele will leave the bank better than he met her,” he said on behalf of the forum.

Melvin B. Baillie