ARC Forum Fortinet Workshop: Applying Automation and Control Principles for Active OT Cyber ​​Defense

ARC is hosting our in-person Industry Forum again this year at the Renaissance Orlando Sea World Hotel June 6-9. You can find more information about the Forum here and you can register here. Registration is free for end users. If you’ve attended previous ARC Forums, you know we have a strong cybersecurity program, with a full day of presentations and workshops on Monday, June 6, with even more OT cybersecurity-related presentations by experts from industry and end users around the world. the week. One of our Monday lunchtime workshops at noon is sponsored by cybersecurity provider OT Fortinet. US-based Fortinet is a leading provider of networking products including next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, SIEM, and more. The Fortinet Security Fabric platform provides security integration and automation across an organization’s networks, devices, and appliances, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises. FortiGuard Labs provides the threat intelligence foundation for all Fortinet Security Fabric components, continuously updating with the latest threat identification and protection information.

Application of Automation and Control Principles for Active Cyber ​​Defense

Cybercriminals continue to expand their primary interest OT targets to all digitally connected devices. Critical infrastructure advocates, from the edge to the cloud, realize that being prepared can make a difference in the impact a cyberattack can have on industrial control systems (ICS). Today, the U.S. government is driving the need for preparedness in key sectors such as the power system, oil and gas, water and wastewater, and chemical manufacturing, as noted in the recent national security memorandum.

Automation and controls have long been the basis of the process that enables the production of goods in many industries. Within these cyber-physical environments, an active cyber defense strategy for operational technology (OT) could benefit from the principles used for automation and control in industrial environments. While automation has been seen as a detriment to digital security for OT – when governed by ICS standards – value can be realized that produces efficiency or scalability of staff capabilities to ensure readiness to cybersecurity.

During this cybersecurity workshop, Fortinet experts will explore the use of:

  • Deception built into the SCADA system to attract an attacker and trigger automation to deliver as close to zero false positives as possible.
  • Event correlation to proactively detect changes in the OT environment to identify specific events that are actionable.
  • Incident management to prevent organizational disruptions to operations, business functions or services.
  • Continuous posture assessment to achieve a level of visibility into OT asset inventory and associated attack surface

Fortinet speakers include:

Christophe Blauvelt
Carlos Sanchez

We hope to see you there!

Melvin B. Baillie