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CULVER CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 1, 2022–

ASPINA announces the development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that supports labor-saving transportation for manufacturing plants.

ASPINA AMR is expected to be delivered to factories after starting trial sales in July, meeting factory environment and operating conditions, and manufacturing lead time. (Photo: BusinessWire)

ASPINA has developed an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that can be easily integrated for use in a manufacturing plant and is developed from its own manufacturing experiences over the past 100 years. This robot achieved short-term introduction (automatic mapping), unguided (autonomous driving), and fast turns with body and leg movements.

The AMR is equipped with the Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) feature which allows the factory map to be created automatically by simply running into the actual driving location. It can easily get into narrow passages with one quick movement and can be used with your factory’s existing layouts. In addition, it can be easily synchronized with other automated equipment features in your facility, for example automatic doors.

It is a complete solution from ASPINA for the manufacturing industry or other sectors where the mobility of goods is necessary. Its quick learning of the layout of the floors allows seamless integration from the first use. With its SLAM feature, you can confidently implement workplace safety as ASPINA’s AMR coexists with workers and other transportation equipment.

Scalability, easy implementation and flexibility come with AMR

AMR with autonomous driving capability enables the introduction of existing manufacturing lines with complex, non-static stations. The autonomous mobile robot moves easily through changing environments without the need to reprogram or carve new paths (labor and cost savings!).

ASPINA will be promoting their AMR product on a trial basis from July 2022, with a limited number of units. As a bespoke product, we will first meet to understand your needs, then plan together the use of RAM in your facility.

In the manufacturing industry, transport operations, such as delivering parts to the manufacturing process and transporting finished products, are necessary operations that always occur, but in many cases they are recorded as indirect expenses and are not included in product estimates. By automating transportation, we can reduce costs and improve productivity. In other words, the labor saving of transportation automation is a very effective way to directly improve business profits.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and AMR (see comparison table below) are attracting attention as means of transport automation and cost reduction. However, unlike automated warehouses and fully automated processes, manufacturing sites often change layouts. In production sites and processes where workers and transport equipment coexist in a limited space, where there is daily movement and where safety is of the utmost importance, the following problems arise.

  • Taking too many tries/time to set up.
  • The size and movement do not meet the requirements of the site to be introduced.
  • User interface friendliness
  • Basic hardware performance for manufacturing sites

Founded in 1918, ASPINA develops and produces motors and modules in fields such as industrial equipment, household appliances, housing, automotive, medical care and well-being. We are constantly refining our technology to achieve compact, light and silent elements. In addition to mastering the movement of goods, we work with our partners to touch the hearts of our end users. Salespeople and engineers take the initiative to talk to customers to solve problems and make proposals. Our tagline “Engineered to Inspire” incorporates our desire to use technology to create a new future for the world and touch people’s hearts.

  • US Headquarters: Culver City, California
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  • CEO: Rex Bergsma
  • Organization: Private
  • Foundation: 1918



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