AUO and ADLINK Announce EMEA Technical Forum “Visualization at the Edge”

A two-day virtual event will explore the integration of edge computing and AI, industry trends and display technologies

HSINCHU, Taiwan, April 6, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the success of the virtual Tech Forum events in 2021, AUO, a global leader and pioneer in optoelectronic solutions, and ADLINK Technology Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of edge computing, will host their first joint virtual technology forum for the EMEA region. Exploring the future possibilities of AI and visualization at the edge, the two-day event will highlight the latest industry trends in AI and 5G that are driving increased visualization of IT outcomes. at the edge and the resulting demand for high-end displays.

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AUO President and COO Frank Ko (left) and ADLINK President and CEO Jim Liu (right) join the EMEA technical forum ‘Visualization at the Edge’ (Photo : BusinessWire)

The event will feature keynotes from AUO President and COO Frank Ko and ADLINK President and CEO Jim Liu alongside partners from across the ADLINK ecosystem. AI, including NVIDIA, Intel, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Attendees will also enjoy application-specific breakout sessions with industry experts from the healthcare, manufacturing, mobility and retail sectors.

“The strategic cooperation between AUO and ADLINK creates complementary benefits for customers, enabling the visualization of edge computing results through excellent interactive human-machine interfaces,” added Frank Ko, President and CEO of the operation of AUO. “After a very successful forum for the APAC market, we look forward to bringing this information to the EMEA region. The rise of various vertical markets in the region has made visualization devices essential to the development of a more connected and intelligent world.

“As manufacturing, healthcare and retail become more automated and intelligent, we realized the importance of advanced computer visualization was underestimated, as 83% of data was absorbed by visual,” said said Jim Liu, President and CEO of ADLINK. “ADLINK’s continued strength lies in combining cutting-edge computing devices with AI, providing customers with intelligent decision-making capabilities. This experience, combined with AUO’s expertise in display solutions, will provide a valuable window into the possibilities of cutting-edge AI, autonomous mobility and private 5G networks. applications.”

The main sessions will include:

  • “Edge Innovations, Ecosystems and Beyond” presented by Frank Ko, President and COO of AUO – where he will discuss how 5G, AI, edge computing and IoT continue to accelerate “Display Everywhere 2.0”, leading to an era where screens are ubiquitous and customer experiences are enhanced.

  • “Edge is the Future” presented by Jim Liu, CEO of ADLINK Technology – where he will explore the topic of immediate data acquisition, analysis and communication to increase revenue and reduce production costs.

Focus on Edge visualization applications in key EMEA verticals

The main vertical areas of edge computing visualization are smart healthcare and the new era of smart surgery, smart mobility and manufacturing, and smart retail. These require the integration of advanced computer screens and technologies, such as medical displays, retail cashiers, self-service kiosks, digital signage, autonomous driving, traffic management, HMI factory and AMR, etc. AUO subsidiaries AUO Display Plus (ADP) and ComQi -JohnRyan will showcase that by deploying advanced display technology in various fields to visualize the results of edge computing and data integration, specific user needs in smart verticals can be satisfied. Together, AUO and ADLINK will continue to expand the ecosystem across the value chain and foster cross-domain co-creation with partners.

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