Bisleri International Receives National CSR Award by Fire and Safety Forum in Association with UN Global Compact Network India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Bisleri International Pvt. received the prestigious “National CSR Award” as part of the Big Business – Food & Beverage Sector at the 10th Global Safety Summit Awards 2022 in New Delhi. The award recognizes Bisleri International’s efforts in recycling used plastic and harvesting rainwater. It was organized by the Fire and Safety Forum in association with the United Nations Global Compact Network India. Building a circular economy in the management of used plastic, Bisleri International focuses on raising awareness and educating citizens in housing corporations, schools, slums, businesses and HoReCa through its program – Bottles For Change. The model aims to create awareness by adopting best practices through a 3-step process. This includes cleaning the plastic, separating it at source and putting it directly into recycling, thus preventing used plastic from ending up in landfills. Thanks to these efforts, Bisleri International has been able to change the behavior of more than 600,000 citizens in the subways. In addition, the program has collected more than 6,500 tons of used plastic thanks to its continuous actions to create a recycling channel. The socially responsible organization strongly believes in strengthening corporate citizenship by giving back to the community through its initiative, Project NayiUmeed. The project focuses on water conservation by constructing and restoring check dams. The program was developed to create water reservoirs that also help improve the water table in nearby areas. It has built and restored over 200 check dams across Gujarat and Maharashtra since 2001. The project has helped irrigate around 9638 acres of land, turning barren land into fertile farms and benefited almost 12,000 families of farmers in more than 125 villages. Commenting on the receipt of the award, Angelo George, Managing Director, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., said, “Bisleri International is one of the first consumer goods organizations in the country to become 100% water and plastic neutral. All aspects of our business are aligned with sustainability. We are honored by this award which demonstrates our efforts in recycling used plastic and harvesting rainwater. As an organization, we are proud to say that we collect and recycle more plastic than we put on the market”. NayiUmeed. rain. Our control dam projects benefit farmers with more crops and significant income. Through our efforts to harvest rainwater, we replenish 1.08 liters of water for every liter we draw from the ground Our sustainability commitments aim to respond holistically to government-defined priorities.” The Global Safety Summit Awards are the most prestigious safety awards demonstrating the organization’s commitment to health and safety. The award measures best practices undertaken by companies in Environment, Health, Safety and CSR activities and is governed by more than 140 evaluators certified in the world. About Bisleri International Pvt. ltd.

With a heritage of over 50 years, Bisleri International Pvt. ltd. has become one of the largest premium beverage companies in India. As the manufacturer of the country’s best-selling mineral water in India, Bisleri follows a rigorous method of a 10-step purification process and 114 quality tests, which is true to its promise to provide customers with a safe, pure and healthy mineral. Bisleri International has a strong presence with 133 operational factories and a strong distribution network of nearly 4,000 distributors and 5,000 distribution trucks across India and neighboring countries. It offers a range of premium drinks produced for all occasions. Whether it’s the promise of goodness, trust and purity with Bisleri Mineral Water, a daily dose of health with Vedica Himalayan Spring Water, or fun refreshment with a diverse range of fruit soft drinks available in three variations – Spyci, Fonzo and Limonata. These Bisleri products are also available on the e-commerce platform – [email protected], launched in 2020. This one-stop-shop platform has been designed to reassure customers that they will receive a safe and uninterrupted supply of their most trusted brand at their convenience. gate. Bisleri International’s growth in India has been driven by its vision to be a leader in the premium beverage category through sustained efforts undertaken to help the community and protect the environment. Bisleri International’s core values ​​are to drive growth and embed sustainability by being responsible in all aspects of the business. For more information about Bisleri International, our people, our brands and our OSR initiatives, please visit

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