Brandon Brown of the New York Giants gave a speech at the Ozzie Newsome GM Forum

The NFL and the Black College Football Hall of Fame wrapped up their second annual Ozzie Newsome General Managers Forum and fifth annual Quarterback Coaches Summit on Thursday.

The three-day event featured a number of speakers, including New York Giants assistant general manager Brandon Brown, who took the stage on Tuesday to discuss various aspects of the scouting process.

“The Ozzie Newsome General Managers Forum and Quarterback Coaches Summit are part of our ongoing efforts to establish a cultural norm of opportunity for all and an unwavering commitment to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce. “, NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent Sr. “With the in-person engagement, attendees will be exposed to the experienced coach and seasoned football staff. They will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of these leaders in the football community.

“We want to continue to create opportunities for some of the best and brightest football minds in the country to showcase their knowledge to NFL club management and media,” said Doug Williams, co-founder of Black College. Soccer Hall of Fame. “There are many diverse and quality coaching and front office executive candidates who deserve consideration for league vacancies.”

In addition to the Ozzie Newsome General Managers Forum and Quarterback Coaches Summit, Brown also participated in the NFL Coaching and Front Office Acceleration Program in May.

Melvin B. Baillie