Brigitte Macron, guest of honor at the first high school student forum

Four hundred young people today had the opportunity to talk at length with Brigitte Macron during the very first forum for high school students dedicated to living together. School bullying and cyber-bullying were at the center of the discussion, during which Ms Macron mentioned the existence of the ambassadors program, which makes it possible to better detect and raise awareness of cases of bullying, as well as platforms for listening to children and adolescents. The young participants were able to share their concerns and discuss ways to prevent and combat bullying.

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Marija Pejčinović Burić, underlined that the protection of human rights, which was at the heart of the Organisation’s mission, also meant guaranteeing the right to education, the right freedom from discrimination and freedom of expression – rights that schoolchildren were able to exercise by sharing their experiences at the forum. Organized as part of the World Forum for Democracy, in partnership with the Association for Access to Rights for Children and Young People (THEMIS), the event brought together some 400 young Alsatians. After working on the theme of living together at school with their teachers, they presented their initiatives in the hemicycle of the Council of Europe in the form of a public speaking competition.

The forum was chaired by Josiane Bigot, honorary judge and president of THEMIS; the designer Laurent Salles and the rapper Le Daron also discussed with the young people and proposed artistic content related to the theme.

Melvin B. Baillie