Cerillion: Product Forum – March 2022

Cerillion’s first Product Forum in 2022 gave our customers an exclusive preview of new features coming in our next product release and set the roadmap for upcoming updates over the coming year.

The latest Cerillion Product Forum took place last week, bringing together a wide range of our customer representatives from around the world to see the latest updates to our product suite and have their say on future developments.

As always, the forum provides our customers with an in-depth look at the latest Cerillion features ahead of the next semi-annual release later this month, as well as other developments planned for the following 12 months.

After a brief introduction by Richard Doughty, Director of Business Development at Cerillion, it was Brian Coombs, Director of Product, who outlined the roadmap for these planned and proposed enhancements.

At Cerillion, we aim for a constant cycle of innovation and continuous modernization of our product line. At the heart of this strategy are four guiding principles: a pure product model, focused on configuration, not customization; optimize different delivery and deployment options with a cloud-neutral architecture; use industry standards to facilitate integration, maintenance and upgrades; and usability, ensuring that our products are intuitive and easy to use for an increasingly digital customer base.

Brian’s roadmap was followed by an update on recent architectural changes, courtesy of Group Solution Architect, Andrew Torrance – in particular, on the use of TM Forum Open APIs. These APIs are designed as a core part of our product suite, not an afterthought, as all of our APIs are used both internally for on-screen presentation and communication between Cerillion components, as well as externally for integration with third-party systems. Andrew announced that we recently completed TM Forum certification for two Open APIs and have an ongoing plan to continue this process on a monthly basis.

Closing the forum was Brian demonstrating the latest configuration features available in the upcoming release. With changes to our technology stack, the ability for customers to customize the user experience and streamline their business processes has been greatly expanded, all without the need to modify code.

“The Product Forum is always a highlight of the Cerillion calendar,” said Brian. “It’s great to be able to showcase the latest product release and receive direct feedback from our customers, which helps us prioritize the next round of changes and updates to our product suite.”

With the return of in-person customer forums this summer, we will also continue our semi-annual online meetings, ensuring maximum visibility and transparency of our roadmap for customers around the world.

If you were unable to attend this product forum, contact your Cerillion account manager for information about attending future meetings.

Melvin B. Baillie