China-Japan-South Korea “Forward-Looking Cooperation” Forum Held in Seoul

The 2022 International Forum for Trilateral Cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea was held here on Tuesday under the theme “Forward-looking Trilateral Cooperation: Lasting Peace, Common Prosperity, Shared Culture.”

The forum was an annual event hosted by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), an international organization based in Seoul to promote peace and common prosperity among the three countries.

The TCS “will spare no effort in carrying out the mandates of the three governments for further trilateral cooperation, and will strive to fulfill our mission to further promote lasting peace, common prosperity and a shared culture in this region” , said the general secretary of the TCS. Ou Boqian said in his opening speech.

Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming said in his remarks that China, Japan and South Korea are not only close neighbors facing each other across the sea, but also countries with significant influence on the region and the world.

Looking ahead, the trilateral cooperation between the three countries on the current basis should be deepened and advanced in the direction of maintaining lasting peace, realizing common prosperity in the region and building a shared culture in East Asia, Xing noted.

The forum included three sessions in which ideas on institutionalizing trilateral cooperation, inclusive economic growth and cultural exchanges were shared by senior politicians, diplomats, prominent academics and representatives of economic and cultural organizations. .

Launched in Seoul in 2011 by the governments of China, Japan and South Korea, the TCS serves as a major platform for deepening trilateral cooperation.

Since its launch, the TCS, under the leadership of the three governments, has actively supported the institutionalized cooperation between the three countries and hosted many cooperation projects in areas such as economy and trade, culture, youth, media and disaster management.

Melvin B. Baillie