Conditioning, Process and Progress: Introducing the Series

Today we are launching our latest editorial series, which will last until the end of the week.

Following the conclusion of Excellence in Maritime Manufacturing last week, @AuManufacturing is delighted to present its latest editorial series, Packaging, process and progress.

The week-long series coincides with Auspack, the long-running process and packaging industry exhibition, which runs May 17-20 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Our series will have some things in common with Auspack, showcasing local innovators in packaging and processing, as well as new technologies that companies can integrate to improve their competitiveness.

In our opening series, we highlight Pakko, a fast-growing Brisbane-based company that focuses on bespoke cardboard manufacturing. Award-winning company founder Nina Nguyen shares her accidental career as a packaging entrepreneur, as well as the importance of fostering a “fun, engaging and inspiring environment” within its manufacturing company.

We’ll also hear from companies such as SMC Corporation, HMPS and Integra Systems, as well as Australian Industry 4.0 experts, with tips you can use.

@AuManufacturing must acknowledge the kind support of sponsor SMC Corporation, without which this series would not be possible.

SMC Companyworld leader in automation, is committed to leading its customers into the next generation of automation, now.

SMC will be showcasing several robotic units – all equipped with their next-generation products – at Auspack this week, and you can visit them at booth E140 to learn more.

Photo: SMC

The editorial series from @AuManufacturing, Packaging, process and unfolding, is brought to you with the support of SMC Company.

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Author: Brent Balinsky

Brent is co-founder and editor of @AuManufacturing.

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