Courteney Cox embarrasses her daughter | State and National News

Courteney Cox embarrasses her daughter with her Instagram posts.

The ‘Friends’ star – who has Coco, 17, with ex-husband David Arquette – has revealed her teenage daughter is “really embarrassed” by what she shares on social media, and was particularly “mortified by a particular post on TikTok.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she said: “Coco is really embarrassed by a lot of things I put on Instagram. Sometimes I find something on TikTok and put it on Instagram and she’s like, ‘Mom, that’s so finished.’ Once I did this dance, and she was mortified. And actually, when I look back, I’m a little mortified.”

Meanwhile, Courteney previously confessed that she felt “forgotten” by Hollywood following the release of “Cougar Town.”

Speaking about the period after her hit show, she said: “I would say the years after ‘Cougar Town’, trying to find the right thing and I didn’t feel very relevant at the time. I was focusing on something else. I was focusing on my relationship and not focusing as much on the business side of things. And I think… out of sight, out of mind. And yeah, I think that was a lot of my fault. , but I also think once I wasn’t driven, I think they probably forgot about me for a while.”

Courteney credits her appearance in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video with starting her career.

She said: “The Bruce Springsteen video was the thing for sure. I was on screen for 24 seconds, but who doesn’t love Bruce Springsteen, and who doesn’t love this song, ‘Dancing in the Dark’? I just went on stage, and people really wanted to know, ‘How is Bruce really?’ And I was like ‘okay, I’ll tell you.’ He’s just a great guy, but it was like an introduction to get in the door.”

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