Crafting briefings – stories you may have missed

Barrett Communications delivers HF radios

Barrett Communications – in conjunction with Royal Communications Inc. – provided high power high frequency (HF) radio communications systems to aid in comprehensive communications coverage across the United States. An undisclosed US federal agency recently installed high power HF radio systems in all US states and territories. Equipment supplied by Barrett further enhances the existing system, extending it to cover all locations. The systems will be used to provide digital voice and data connectivity secured by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Barrett Communications US Managing Director John Eschenfelder said, “This is a historic delivery for Barrett USA, which solidifies its position as a trusted partner of the US federal government. The systems include Barrett 4075 HF high power systems which are available in 500 W and 1 kW configurations and increase the power of the transmissions. P

New mast installed on HMAS Stewart

The ANZAC-class frigate HMAS Stuart has had its new mast fitted as part of the Anzac-class frigate’s Mid-Life Capability Upgrade Program (AMCAP). The replacement mast is taller and wider than the old mast to accommodate the new CEA L-Band radar system manufactured by CEA Technologies of Canberra. The CEAFAR radar is an active phased array radar that combines microwave tile and digital beamforming (DBF) technologies. Weighing 31 tonnes, the mast was lifted by a team from BAE Systems Australia’s Henderson shipyard south of Perth, who are carrying out the ANZAC upgrade. The replacement mast is taller and wider than the old mast, giving the upgraded ships a distinctive look. BAE Systems has approximately four hundred people who support AMCAP and approximately 250 Australian suppliers currently support the program.

XTEK delivers the third installment of bulletproof vests

Defense and security protection maker XTEK’s HighCom Armor Solutions business has delivered an additional US$6.6 million of a US$33.21 million order of bulletproof vests to a customer who does not was not named. The total contract value of US$33.21 million has been prepaid in full before the first shipment of goods, which is half of the total order value now received. CEO Scott Basham, XTEK said, “Our HighCom Armor team in Columbus, Ohio continues to work at a very high pace to produce, package and ship the many large orders we have had on hold since FY22.”

Image: BAE Systems Australia

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Melvin B. Baillie