Forum Friday: Stormy Weather – Twins

Community members are faced with the choice of putting on a happy face or the dark mask of tragedy. Either way, there are nearly two months of regular season baseball left to play in a tight division race, so it’s hardly “Bye Bye, Birdie” to talk about baseball.

@killebrewlover serenades us with this old meteorologist’s torch song, this season’s forecast. Darkening clouds. Stormy weather ahead. “I don’t know why there’s no sun in the sky, stormy weather / Since my team and first place aren’t together, it’s raining all the time…”

@strumdatjag watches the quiet end to a Twins career in Crickets for Sano. Or maybe like Mulane, they’re lucky crickets, and Miguel can return for the playoff run for the Twins he’s destined to lead since 2009? The twins have already benefited from piranhas and goats – could a bug be next?

Not All Negative: @PseudoSABR shares a FanGraphs article that suggests we received excellent value for what the twins gave up in terms of prospects at the deadline. Mahle, Fulmer, López and even Sandy León have already contributed to the Twins’ victories. In fact, León’s nickname is apparently “Noah” – could he help the twins survive this storm?

@bwilly suggests potential new role for low-key Twins contributor: Could Smeltzer be a long reliever? Devin is still game for St. Paul, but it’s only a matter of time before the Twins need his innings again, either in the rotation or in the bullpen.

In the minor league forum, @ScottyB started a discussion about this winter’s Rule 5 draft. Which farm players earned a 40-player spot after the season? Could any of them help out even sooner, as major league reinforcements for the Twins’ practice?

Finally, when I find myself in trouble with the Twins, the Other Baseball forum can be a source of levity; but alas, not today. @Steve71 looks around the league and concludes MLB is broken. But other than that, how was the pennant race, Mrs. Lincoln?

Whether you’re feeling angry and bitter, or thinking split banana and licorice, share it on the forums!

Melvin B. Baillie