Forum Friday: Wait for a trade / Give me all your pitch – Twins

Many in the community believe the Twins need to at least add Tres Hombres to their pitching squad, and with the Tuesday, August 2 trade deadline looming, speculation is mounting about who they will be and how much they will cost.

The Reds have some interesting starting pitchers: Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahle. @Brock Beauchamp shares a trade rumor the twins are more interested in the Reds’ Mahle than Castillo, which suggests the twins are looking for the cheaper sunglasses.

Also from Brock: Jesus Just Left Chicago, but some MLB watchers apparently can’t, as Rosenthal writes that Rival Official Predicts White Sox Runaway Division Winners. Looking at their .500 record and major roster holes, though, and I suspect the White Sox would need to acquire an Afterburner (or two) in the trade just to make that result possible.

Rosenthal may soon write that Juan just left Washington, and while the Twins probably won’t need to add a major bat, @Doctor Gast points out that Juan Soto could distract top teams enough to present trade opportunities to our Twins .

After the obvious throwing needs, wanting a backup receiver doesn’t take much, and @ashbury is taking us downtown (Milwaukee) to find one: Trade Rumor: Pedro Severino, anyone?

It would certainly be nice for the Twins to play in the Eliminator rather than being eliminated for a change. @jorgenswest asks Is there value in winning a playoff round? and under the new wild card system, a few trade acquisitions could make the Twins a favorite to advance beyond the first series.

Byron Buxton was known more for his legs than his bat, but he became our main threat. @stringer bell asks who finishes second on the team in the circuits, and some of the latecomers in the race might surprise you.

Finally, @Tlaker has his eyes on a well-dressed man in the league office: Theo Epstein….. future commissioner. Rob Manfred for Epstein – now there’s a business proposition everyone can agree with!

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Melvin B. Baillie