Future-Based – AMCAP Hosts New Era International Capital Forum in Shenzhen on August 30

According to public information from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as of June 30, 2022, the total number of fund managers under a public fund offering and various asset management institutions in China reached 3,044.

/EIN News/ — Shenzen, China, Sept. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMCAP Group, an international asset management institution, has long focused on market building and one-stop service in China . Since 2022, based on the principle of continuous improvement of managers’ business skills, AMCAP has brought in-depth integrated innovation to the Group, and organized the New Era International Innovation Capital Forum in Shenzhen, China on August 30, 2022.

AMCAP organized this innovation forum, inviting more than 55 industry institutions to participate in the dialogue, aimed at pursuing the implementation of relevant financial sector policy guidance requirements, accelerating scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and to promote the realization of financial technology construction. The meeting also reinforced AMCAP Group’s efforts to promote the upgrading of the digital operation of asset management institutions, focus on scientific and technological innovation, launch more suitable products and expand innovative financing to the entire industry life cycle, so that more investors can deeply understand future industry trends and establish a correct investment philosophy.

Participants in this innovation forum discussed at length how to reasonably control risk and establish a long-term financial management mechanism. Reasonable asset allocation is the premise of financial management. AMCAP Group Planner said: The balance between risk and return is conducive to a better understanding of the investment mentality, helping to calm the mentality and persist in long-term investing. Gary Brinson, the father of global asset allocation, once said that over the long term, about 90% of investment income comes from successful asset allocation. This shows the importance of asset allocation.

AMCAP Group Planner said: In the context of the vigorous promotion of embedded innovation in the industry today, choosing the appropriate fund asset allocation method and avoiding placing it in an irreversible sector can reduce the risk. The market is changing rapidly, and with the accumulation of investment experience, the asset allocation scheme must be continuously optimized. Therefore, it is best to manage financial affairs scientifically and adapt to individual needs.

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