Hammerspace and Seagate Collaborate on Data Access

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Data environment platform Hammerspace and data storage company Seagate Technology are working on a technology integration.

Hammerspace will bring automated data orchestration and unified data access across Seagate Cloud of Lyve object storage service and Exos CORVAULT block storage device, according to the companies last month.

This collaboration aims to help customers combine Seagate’s public cloud storage-as-a-service platform with the ability to unify their edge, distributed data center, and cloud data into one consolidated resource in one Hammerspace’s global data environment.

Lyve Cloud is a cloud storage uniquely designed to help customers manage the flow of global data in multicloud environments. Users can store, access and move sets of data, while maintaining full control of their data.

Hammerspace is designed to unify decentralized users, apps, and data. Users can access data for storage, management, and service usage across multisite hybrid cloud, from Lyve Cloud to data center and edge.

Enterprises are “struggling with capturing, monetizing, and curating ever-growing mass datasets,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of business and marketing at Seagate.

Through this collaboration, customers can create a data environment with Hammerspace “without compromise based on data movement economics,” because Lyve Cloud does not charge for data ingress or egress, Fochtman said.

With Hammerspace “orchestrating data to any location,” users can gain “local access to data regardless of location,” said Tony Asaro, senior vice president of strategy and business development, Hammerspace. .

Melvin B. Baillie