Huawei Hosts Convergent Technology Forum to Facilitate Digital Transformation in Industries

Chen Banghua, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, delivered a keynote speech, saying, “Huawei has established integrated teams to dive into industries and research technologies for industries, provide ICT products that adapt to scenarios and converge a wide range of technologies. develop product portfolios and solutions to facilitate digital transformation in industries.”

Industries have entered a new stage of digital dive, which requires a highly secure, reliable and deterministic digital infrastructure with efficient data flow and computation. To further facilitate the digital transformation of industries and understand customers’ business needs, Huawei continues to launch new scenario-specific products and solutions through technological innovation.

  • Smart Mining: Huawei innovatively introduces passive optical network technologies in coal mining. At the aggregation layer, passive optical components are used to replace active switches, minimizing the risk of electrical sparks caused by network devices. On the device side, the industry’s first intrinsically safe optical device is launched to build an intrinsically safe industrial optical ring network, improving production efficiency, enhancing production safety and improving the working environment. worker work.
  • High-speed city train: Huawei provides a train-to-ground communication solution powered by its highly reliable Wi-Fi 6 series products. An integrated frame facilitates the installation of this solution. It provides up to 1.4 Gbps of bandwidth and 30 ms latency at 160 km/h, enabling real-time service backhaul and ensuring stable operation of city rail.
  • Massive Edge Computing: Huawei solutions also help businesses quickly process real-time data to meet ever-increasing computing demands. Traditional equipment rooms at the edge use all sorts of software and hardware devices from different vendors, resulting in complex installation, configuration, and operation and maintenance. To solve this problem, Huawei creates hyperconverged data center solutions by applying its all-in-one design philosophy. FusionModule uses a cabinet to replace the traditional power converter, UPS, power control module and air conditioning unit. FusionCube uses an off-the-shelf hyperconverged module to integrate compute, storage, networking and security functions, which works immediately after power-on, realizing synergy at the edge of the cloud.

At the same time, Huawei is converging a wide range of technologies to develop innovative product portfolios such as data centers, campus networks, wide area networks and digital sites to adapt to industry scenarios.

  • Full-Service Data Center: In online banking, stock trading, and other critical data transactions, in the event of a primary system failure, it is crucial to ensure rapid failover to backup systems without disrupting services . To solve this problem, Huawei is launching the Storage + Optical Connection Coordination solution, which allows storage to quickly detect network jitter and implements fast I/O transfer between primary and standby systems within 1 second and a fast switching of network links in 5 ms. This ensures no failed transactions in financial services and significantly improves the service experience.
  • Digital venues for smart highways: Using industry-leading 5G wireless and millimeter wave technologies, Huawei is innovatively developing a next-generation ultra-long-range high-precision radar, which reduces the number of traffic jams by 50%. high-speed detection pole sites. In addition, Huawei uses its powerful cutting-edge computing platform to develop AI-based detection engine software that forms an innovative “radar and video fusion” intelligent traffic detection solution. This further simplifies radar deployment, enabling automatic positioning and optimization with up to 95% accuracy.

At the Analyst Summit, Huawei shared its industry practices in digital transformation, such as Mine Team, Electric Power Digitization Team, Customs and Ports Team, and Smart Road Team. Huawei has collaborated with partners to dive into industries faster and more efficiently, focusing on industrial scenarios to facilitate customers’ digital transformation and achieve win-win results.

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Melvin B. Baillie