Infinity Avionics Launches High-Resolution Earth Observation Cameras

Canberra-based space sensor maker Infinity Avionics has expanded its product offering to include high-resolution Earth observation cameras.

The high-resolution cameras will allow future Australian space missions to capture detailed images of Earth, the company says.

The company said in a statement: “The new Lynx4MP camera (pictured) is perhaps Australia’s first high-resolution commercial camera for space applications.

“Lynx4MP builds on a strong history of flight-proven electronics, sensors and optics designs, with a versatile configuration suitable for a range of applications from space asset monitoring to high-altitude Earth observation. resolution.”

Infinity Avionics CEO Igor Dimitrijevic said reliable, accurate and frequent Earth observation data plays a key role in supporting the daily lives of Australians.

“Our Lynx4MP-500 camera will be able to provide accurate, high-resolution image data to support agriculture, weather forecasting, environmental planning, and disaster management, among many other applications.”

The Australian Space Agency recently announced the series of multi-million dollar National Earth Observation Space Missions.

Dimitrijevic said Infinity Avionics is well positioned to support these upcoming missions with its growing experience in supplying camera products to space missions around the world.

Lynx4MP-500 has a ground sampling distance of just five meters – about the length of a car – at an orbit altitude of around 500 km.

The camera can be customized to capture black and white, color or multi-spectral images to support various Earth observation applications according to customer requirements.

Infinity Avionics technology has been in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for over two years.

“It is vital to be able to design and develop commercial space cameras in Australia.”

Picture: Infinity Avionics

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Melvin B. Baillie