Letter: Author fails in attempt to shame Forum over recent gun control op-ed – InForum

In his recent letter, Mike Martin boasts of having a better memory than the Forum editorial board and attempts to demonstrate its “original” content by stating that the majority of homicides are committed with handguns (duh). I would add that the majority of firearm suicides also happen with handguns.

He goes on to point out the superior power of the .30-30 (duh) rifle over the .223 rifle, some of which are also known as “assault rifles”. I wonder if these facts bring much consolation to the families of victims who were mass murdered by someone less powerful.223.

Martin confuses two dissimilar scenarios while comparing the .30-30 with the .223. There are distinct differences beyond bullet weight and downstream energy, including muzzle velocity, magazine capacity, rifle weight, and more. and the relative distance between the shooter and the target. There are reasons why a mass murderer often chooses the AR-15 style assault rifle to do the heinous deed and not a .30-30.

If anyone is curious about the lethality of .223, just ask relatives/relatives of victims who had to identify their loved ones from personal items such as clothing or shoes due to the devastating mutilation that the least powerful .223 inflicted on bodies. of their relatives.

Martin “bets” that the school/mass shootings are due to a “witch-brew” of guns and several societal issues, which he outlines. He may struggle to explain why many countries have the same societal problems but dramatically lower rates of gun violence. The only variable among his collective “witch’s brew” is the prevalence of guns.

Finally, it is ironic that Martin is oblivious to the fact that he is guilty of the same charge of “regurgitation” that he brings against the Forum. With the exception of his trivial and irrelevant anecdotal stories, much, if not most, of his commentary contains so much regurgitation that it would be wise to keep Prilosec handy. Introspection can be as important, if not more, than memory. He may believe that what he claims is “original” and others are “regurgitation”, but this state of mind is by definition equivalent to being delusional.

If Martin continues to pay his NRA dues, he shouldn’t worry.

David Wells lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Forum Editorial Board or the owners of the Forum.

Melvin B. Baillie