Marin IJ Readers Forum May 11, 2022 – Marin Independent Journal

Vote Crncich Hodge for Superintendent of Schools

I have known Michele Crncich Hodge for almost three decades. Our children walked together to Mill Valley High School many years ago and since then Crncich Hodge has continued to demonstrate a deep and unwavering commitment to improving our school communities.

Crncich Hodge has a “360 degree lens” on what our teachers, students and their families need. She was a teacher in the Miller Creek School District for 13 years, president of the Miller Creek Educators Association, superintendent of a charter district in Sonoma County, and district administrator in San Rafael for financial accountability. She has served homeless families, worked as a researcher and now sits on the Mill Valley School District Board of Trustees. As the only candidate with a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership focused on Superintendent Effectiveness, she brings knowledge, deep practical administration, and classroom experience. She will provide the leadership that is so important in these very difficult times.

As the next Superintendent of Schools, Crncich Hodge will work for excellence (preserving the best of our public school education as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic), equity (closing the achievement gap and opportunity with a countywide equity initiative she will lead) and enrollment (addressing the decline of our public schools head-on, creating an action plan to bring students back to our communities schools).

We need a county superintendent with a wide range of experience and intelligence to work effectively with partners across the county on the critical issues facing our schools, particularly on affordable housing initiatives for teachers and support staff. Crncich Hodge is that leader.

—David J. Thelander, Mill Valley

Damon Connolly deserves to be elected to the National Assembly

Assemblyman Marc Levine, who serves Marin County, is stepping down from his state legislature to run for California Insurance Commissioner. To take his place in the Assembly, I urge everyone to vote for Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly. Connolly, who is a former member of the Miller Creek School District Board of Trustees and the San Rafael City Council, ably served on the Board of Supervisors.

He is a true leader on the issue of climate change. He helped found MCE (formerly Marin Clean Energy) and paved the way for the formation of Sonoma Clean Power. As Deputy Mayor of San Rafael, he authored Marin County’s first Climate Change Action Plan. He paved the way to sue “Big Oil” for climate impacts and sponsored a ban on facilities that would facilitate offshore oil drilling. He personally goes without a car for two months every year, to show that it can be done.

Connolly is also a leader on homelessness and related mental health issues. He is the author of the county’s passage of Laura’s Law, encouraging people to join mental health assistance programs. He is a strong supporter of affordable housing programs for the homeless.

Wildfires are a growing problem and Connolly helped lead the successful effort to pass Measure C, securing the funding to address it. He has the support of the Marin, State and Santa Rosa fire departments.

Connolly is also a great guy and very approachable. He works well with people and will make an outstanding member of the State Assembly representing Marin County and South Sonoma County.

—Jerry Meral, Inverness

Measure A heavier tax for working-class families

I believe that many outspoken supporters of the proposed tax extension of Measure A are entitled to it. They are “well off” and not all benefit directly. I believe that continuing to contribute to this mismanaged “slush fund” disproportionately benefits the Marin’s political class and the “well-heeled.”

From my point of view, Marin’s supervisory board has never encountered a slush fund that it does not like. Supervisors should realize that, as a regressive sales tax, Measure A hits poor and working-class families the hardest.

—Alex Easton-Brown, Lagunitas

Protect Rangers, Naturalist Staff: Vote Yes on ‘A’

Measure A, the quarter-cent sales tax to fund parks, open spaces and preserve local working lands, is up for renewal in June.

Since its inception in 2012, this funding source has improved county, city and special district parks, fuel management, increased accessibility for all community members through park passes library and reduced entrance fees, as well as permanent conservation of agricultural land and wetland development.

New benefits in the 2022 funding plan will increase funding for wildfire prevention, training programs for ranchers on carbon sequestration and riparian restoration led by the Marin Resource Conservation District, and garden grants community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn more people to our county, city and special district parks and open spaces to recreate and enjoy the outdoors. Without the renewal of Measure A, these important and well-used assets will not be maintained and services such as ranger and naturalist staff will be reduced.

Please vote yes on Measure A to preserve and protect the Marin’s parks and green spaces for current and future generations.

—Madeline Kellner, Novato

Gina Daly is the best choice for District 1 Supervisor

I am pleased to support Gina Daly in the election for District 1 Representative to the Marin County Board of Supervisors. I know he is someone who has the commitment and experience to be an effective and collaborative county leader.

I first met Daly as a new neighbor and working mother to a young, growing family. When she took over as head of the Terra Linda Homeowners Association, I saw her commitment to local engagement and community development. As Daly rose from neighborhood involvement to serving as an elected member of the San Rafael City Schools Board of Education, her hard work and the praise of her colleagues, students, and education officials confirmed that she knew how to solve difficult problems in a way that brings people together. and get things done.

In addition to local engagement, Daly’s career in public policy at the state and federal levels spanning two decades has given her a degree of experience rarely seen at this level of public service.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen Daly in action as we traveled through San Rafael neighborhoods, talking with residents about their priorities and concerns, and how new resources, ideas, and approaches could help. to move our county forward. I am confident that Daly will bring fresh perspective, fresh ideas and effective leadership to Marin County.

I hope you will join me in voting for Gina Daly for Marin County Supervisor.

—Kimberli Keith-Brown, San Rafael

Water supply dictates allocation reduction

Could the Marin Municipal Water District Board of Directors please explain to all of its customers how MMWD will provide liveable water delivery to the more than 13,000 new residents who may be relocating to Marin County as a result of the Housing Mandate for Our Area by Sacramento Officials and the Association of Bay Area Governments?

From my perspective, it is clear that MMWD is struggling to provide its current customers with a livable amount of water.

—Reb Blake II, Mill Valley

Melvin B. Baillie