Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Adobe Forges Unite to Establish “Metaverse Standard Forum” Without Apple

As technology improves over time, tech giants except Apple are working on the Metaverse Standards Forum for a standardized virtual world. The non-profit consortium group, Khronos, will host the said technology forum.

Tech Giants Unite for Metaverse Open Standards Development

As the tech industry continues to grow, several tech companies are beginning to develop virtual and augmented reality products. Some management groups are eager to keep the industry together. Tech giants are organizing regulatory forums to manage and standardize a virtual world that today looks like a colossal mess.

Thirty companies, including Facebook’s parent company Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony, Adobe, Unity, and Autodesk, have come together to create an interoperable metaverse. This symposium aspires to facilitate “the development of open standards for the metaverse”.

The Metaverse Standards Forum, which aims to foster open interoperability, makes developers’ ability to build on multiple platforms more manageable. According to announcements on June 22, the forum already has a few key participants. This includes Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games, Adobe, Nvidia, Sony, Unity, and others.

However, companies like Niantic, Apple, Roblox and Snapchat are among the apparent absences,

who also build “metaverse” consumer products. Either way, the free forum will focus on pragmatic, action-based projects such as hackathons and open source tools.

A standardized virtual space prefigures a generation of an open and inclusive virtual world where no metaverse is isolated, separated from the others. It would be easier to flawlessly integrate assets and functionality and allow transactions between different metaverses.

Vice President and AR Fellow at Adobe Stefano Corazza said the computer software company was thrilled to join the wonderful feat behind the forum. Marc Petit, CEO of Epic Games, also said the company’s goal is to create an accessible metaverse that encourages and empowers millions of creators.

Additionally, Metaverse at Meta VP Vishal Shah explains that a standard protocol will be fundamental to generating a Metaverse for everyone, and Metaverse Standard Forums can drive collaboration.

Technology company, Nvidia’s Rev Lebaredian, sees open standards for today’s 2D web as crucial for the 3D web that is the Metaverse as well. Additionally, Nvidia’s Neil Trevett warmly welcomed any company, including crypto platforms, to join in the discussion.

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Khronos will host the Metaverse Standards Forum, Apple ignores the forum

Conspicuously absent from the Metaverse Standards Forum is Cupertino-based tech giant Apple, as it works on its virtual reality headsets. Apple’s in-development VR headsets will directly compete with Meta.

The Oasis Consortium is missing some key players, like Meta, similar to the Metaverse Standards Forum which will be without Apple. Before, parties like this got smaller and smaller once indoor competitions inevitably arose.

The Khronos Group, a nonprofit consortium working on AR/VR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more, will host the Metaverse Standards Forum. Khronos previously tried to establish a standard for VR APIs with its VR Standards Initiative of the same name in 2016. Companies like Google, Nvidia, Epic Games, and Oculus, now part of Meta, were present during the initiatives of VR standards from Khronos.

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Melvin B. Baillie