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Neuhaus Education Center, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting reading success for all, announced the promotion of Dr. Allison Peck to the newly created position of Director of Studies, effective April 11, 2022. With the promotion of Peck, she will oversee professional development for teachers and leaders in public, charter and private school systems across the country. In addition, Dr. Peck will be responsible for incubating and growing a higher education alliance aimed at building partnerships with higher education institutions.

Dr. Allison Peck, Academic Director of Neuhaus Education Center (Photo: Business Wire)

“In a knowledge-based economy, equity and access interact directly with educators who teach every child to read the first time, while identifying and serving children with reading disabilities,” said Dr. Tracy White Weeden, President and CEO of Neuhaus Education Center. “Experienced readers have their place at the opportunity table. Dr. Peck is a proven leader who will continue to expand the good work of our nonprofit nationwide in training apprentice educators to win the war against illiteracy.

Since January 2020, Dr. Peck has led the teacher professional development team as Vice President of Professional Development and has helped Neuhaus transition to a hybrid teacher professional development model during the pandemic. Allison was drawn to Neuhaus because of her own experience with the Dyslexia Specialist Prep Program, which she started when her oldest child was diagnosed with dyslexia in kindergarten. Her experience at Neuhaus includes teaching educators in the Neuhaus program, coaching and consulting with teachers, literacy coaches, and campus and district administrators to help them provide an implementation plan. of Neuhaus which will lead to the success of reading for all.

“I am so humbled and honored to step into this new role of Academic Director of Neuhaus Education Center. I work with an incredible group of people who all share the mission of literacy for all. As we continue to grow our programs and our outreach skills, our goal is for all teachers to understand the impact of using structured literacy in the classroom.. All students can soar when given the opportunity to learn to read. .

Dr. Peck earned a Ph.D. in Literacy from St. John’s University and has been a Certified University Language Therapist with Qualified Instructor since 2018. Allison also holds teaching certifications in Special Education, General Education, and English as an Additional Second Language. She currently sits on the board of the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC).

Neuhaus Education Center is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting reading success for everyone. Neuhaus provides evidence-based training and support for teachers, provides information and resources for families, and offers direct literacy services to adult learners. Visit to learn more.

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