New for 2022: Introducing the Nursing Times Clinical Skills Forum

Nursing Times is thrilled to launch a brand new event for 2022, designed to help you bridge the clinical skills gap in nursing.

Our first Nursing Times Clinical Skills Forum will be an educational event taking place online on the mornings of Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 June 2022.

“We have designed this event to provide you with a unique opportunity to collectively lead nursing support to raise standards.”

The event will explore how to ensure that all GP nurses have sufficient competence standards to operate confidently, effectively and safely.

This nurse-led virtual event aims to attract delegates from across the NHS, acute, community and independent healthcare providers.

It will include a range of expert presentations and interactive discussion sessions to support strategies to equip nurses with all core competencies and ensure the continued development of clinical skills in practice.

As collaboration between generalist nurses, specialist nurses and educators will be essential to address clinical skills gaps, we encourage everyone to participate and be part of the discussion and the solution.

A variety of sessions and working groups will address gaps in clinical areas such as intravenous therapy, chronic wound care, respiratory and urinary catheterization, and infection prevention and control.

Nursing schedules editor Steve Ford said: “Nursing requires high standards of competence at every point of contact throughout the patient journey.

“With a consistently underfunded health care system, it is not easy to ensure that all general nurses are competent in all required clinical skills,” he said.

“We have designed this event to provide you with a unique opportunity to collectively lead the nursing workforce support to improve competency standards and close the clinical skills gap.”

He added, “Whether you’re looking for a solution for your team, want to inspire your peers with your own experience, or want to learn on your own, the Nursing Times Clinical Skills Forum is for you.

Attend the event to seize the opportunity to collaborate with public and private providers, address common challenges, share solutions and formulate action plans.

Because it’s virtual, you’ll be able to watch this content live to engage with speakers and also catch up on demand if you prefer.

Visit the Clinical Skills Forum website for more information on how to book your ticket. Secure your place by Friday 20 May to save £50.

Melvin B. Baillie