Odaseva Announces Date of Data Innovation Forum for Enterprise-Level Salesforce Architects

A virtual event in October will lead Selling power architects to discuss ideas, opportunities and strategies to maximize the value of Selling power Data

SAN FRANCISCO – – Odaseva, leading enterprise data platform for Selling powerannounced the date of its two days Data Innovation Forumto hold the October 26-27, 2022. The challenges for Selling power the data increases more and more as Selling power address larger and more complex challenges.

“Data protection, confidentiality and the agility of Selling power data is a complex subject. It’s a problem that we can collectively simplify,” said Olivier RachonEmeritus Architect and Managing Director of Australia, Odaseva. “The Data Innovation Forum is a platform for sharing implementation best practices. And, to create and engage with a community of expert architects.”

“Organizations that neglect to build in data agility from the start will leave themselves vulnerable to performance issues down the road,” Rachon explained. “We help architects ensure good practice when designing Selling power implementations, when project resources are available and sound architectural decisions can be made. Our global CTA forum brings unique real-world knowledge on how to achieve this.”

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by Odaseva Data Innovation Forum provides a platform for Salesforce Certified Technical Architects (CTA) to discover exciting new ways to think about the future of data management. The event connects leading experts to provide and discuss their experiences and new perspectives on Selling power data architecture.

Last year’s inaugural Data Innovation Forum had over 30 speakers, including over 20 CTAs, many of whom have already registered to return this year, with over 2,600 registrations for sessions. Comments underscored the success of the event in providing an impressive depth of CTA content and knowledge on a unique range of topics.

“I’m thrilled. I’ve never seen an event where so many CTAs and experts come together and discuss the most important factors and pain points of scaling up. Selling power implementations.” – IBM CTA

Rather than giving a broad overview of topics, the Data Innovation Forum provides in-depth technical information. The event is suitable for Selling power architects interested in improving their data management skills, as well as Selling power professionals interested in digging deeper into the data. The event is an opportunity to lift the veil on the personal perspectives, ideas and stories of the CTAs who have worked on the world’s most sophisticated projects. Selling power implementations.

The Data Innovation Forum is part of a larger strategy by Odaseva to create a global forum for CTAs. Key to this strategy is a new free learning management system (LMS) from Odaseva that offers masterclasses, learning modules, and instructor-led training on topics like data agility, cloud security, scalable architecture, balancing functionality and performance with data protection, and more.

Interested participants can follow the event webpage here: https://www.odaseva.com/data-innovation-forum-for-salesforce-architects/ and interested speakers can submit a proposal here: https:// go.odaseva.com/ speaking-forum-submission-22

About Odaseva

More than 93 million users rely on Odaseva to maintain their Selling power data protected, compliant and agile. Industry leaders like Schneider-Electric and Manulife depend on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, satisfy customers and regulators, and pass Selling power data to any system. A leader Selling power partner since 2012, with funding from Salesforce CompaniesOdaseva delivers unparalleled security, performance and expertise to large enterprises Selling power clients.

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