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The Cold War (March 12, 1947 – December 26, 1991) (excluding the Korean and Vietnam proxy wars) against the Soviet Union was a triumph of American foreign policy, when America and the Union Soviet Union fought each other without conventional or nuclear wars. Thereafter, whether it was a question of reacting to Sputnik, the missile gap or the race for the moon, the Americans were ahead of the Soviets. Eventually, with the assurance of President Ronald Reagan, the Soviet Union imploded and Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, declared independence.

When President Truman realized Joseph Stalin’s determination to spread communism across Europe, America accepted George Kennan’s foreign policy strategy – containment – to prevent the spread of communism.

Since 2000, America’s ill-defined foreign policies have failed. After 9/11, we stayed 20 years (2001-2021) in Afghanistan/Iraq to fight the Islamists, create democracies (Bush doctrine) and build nations. On August 30, the undefeated US military fled Afghanistan, causing US foreign policy humiliation and national security disaster.

Meanwhile, President Bill Clinton granted the Communist Party of China (CCP) full membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) (12/11/2001). Clinton said, “Economically, this deal is the equivalent of a one-way street.” Of course, a one-way street for the CCP. America’s foreign policy, political, and business elites have told us that with more wealth, the CCP would want to be more like us. Nonsense! This is not foreign policy; it is “pious wish”. Since the founding of Communist China (1949), the CCP has championed the destruction of America.

After the CCP turned part of its economy into a free market, Chinese produced goods and services (GDP) grew from $1.3 trillion in 2001 to $17.7 trillion in 2021. Today, the CCP is our competitor who plans to become the world’s dominant nation in 2049 and rebuild the world order.

After the CCP’s acceptance into the WTO, American financial and business elites flooded Communist China with investment for lucrative deals while American jobs were outsourced to Chinese workers, and the CCP infiltrates the American open society to rob labs and manufacturers and buy land, industries and influence. . Peter Schweizer’s book, “Red Handed: How America’s Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” documents numerous dealings (betrayal) between American elites and the CCP. Sadly, Biden recently ended the China Initiative program launched by Trump, which has spearheaded an unprecedented crackdown on CCP economic espionage, commercial theft and technology transfer.

It’s probably too late to “contain” the CCP because it has many allies who hate America and more than 100 nations are enrolled in its Belt and Road Initiative, whereby mindless nations run into debt with China to infrastructure projects.

We are in a Cold War with the CCP, the greatest external threat America has ever faced. Therefore, America needs a holistic and non-emotional foreign policy, a plan to defeat the CCP starting with decoupling America from the Chinese economy, establishing a peaceful alliance similar to the NATO and building a stronger army, “peace through strength”.

Donovan “Mark” Quimby is a resident of Frederick County.

Melvin B. Baillie