Open Forum: Why I Support Democrats | Winchester Star


How refreshing it was to read Jay Gillespie’s April 24 letter to the editor, “Why I Support Democrats.” I, too, support Democrats and here are some of my top reasons.

Democrats seek equality – in terms of human rights and justice – for all. Note that equality is not about equal money. It is about equal human rights and justice.

Democrats support equity, in terms of assets. Of course, we don’t all start from the same place in life and life can give us particular challenges. Thus, Democrats support providing what is necessary so that everyone has a chance to fight for the best life possible. Equity is not a new idea. My favorite example, which we’ve been improving for years, is the disability access money.

I am proud of my fellow Democrats for showing unity during the pandemic. By wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, we demonstrated our patriotism, our consideration for others and our respect for science.

Truth matters to Democrats, and we seek facts and evidence. So we’re not about to embrace any bizarre unsubstantiated theories.

Democrats understand that money flows exponentially upward, creating an ever-widening wealth gap. The wealth gap leads to disparities at the bottom and political corruption at the top. Political corruption is becoming a major threat to our freedom. Democrats understand that a steep tax curve is the answer.

Like most Democrats, I don’t talk about topics like revivalism, gender identity, and critical race theory. These words are hyperbolized by the conservative media to attack Democrats! However, like most Democrats, I am open to considering new ideas.

Ken Kovach is a resident of Frederick County.

Melvin B. Baillie