PT TIMAH Tbk: Merah Putih Youth Mobilization Forum with PT Timah

Merah Putih Youth Raising Forum with PT Timah Tbk Renovation and beautification of green line in Parittiga district

WEST BANGKA – The open space laid out in an area will become the attention of tourists as well as an attractive icon for the surrounding community. To this end, the Red and White Youth Kibar Forum, which is a youth organization in West Bangka, has renovated and beautified the green line area on Jalan Pasar, Puput Village, Parittiga District, West Bangka Regency.

To renovate and beautify this area, the Merah Putih Youth Kibar Forum received assistance from PT Timah Tbk. This aid is a form of support for PT Timah Tbk to develop the open space into a comfortable place for the community.

Mersah Putih Youth Kibar Forum secretary Rusdi Ujang said that initially this area was a slum and poorly maintained, so they took the initiative to renovate it to become a new gathering place for young people. youth.

He said this idea came about because many young people are currently hanging out in dark places and have the potential to do negative things. With a representative venue, this can be avoided.

“Initially, we thought how to make sure that these young people don’t hang around in dark places anymore which will end up behaving negatively. And we saw that the green line area on Jalan Pasar already has a mural but it doesn’t “It’s not well maintained and looks shabby. In the end we decided to spruce it up and grateful that PT Timah Tbk cares and can help,” he said Wednesday (3/8/2022) .

Together with the residents of Merah Putih Youth Kibar Forum, they landscaped the green line area by adding new ornaments such as stone balls, lamps, flower pots, chairs, written markers to welcome Parittiga . So that the area is now more organized and becomes a new icon.

As a form of community empowerment, they also involve the community to make ornaments such as pots and the like.

“We also empower the community, for pot making and such, we self-manage for the community. Hopefully it will later become a new icon that can support tourism,” he said.

He hopes that later, the synergy with PT Timah Tbk can continue, so that in the future, there will be more community development and empowerment that can be achieved together.

“PT Timah Tbk already cares about it, I hope in the future there will be more activities that can be collaborated, especially to improve the quality and development of human resources,” he said. he declares.

Melvin B. Baillie