QU College of Pharmacy hosts its first Student Leaders Forum

The Student Affairs Office of Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) organized the first CPH Student Leader Forum, involving all student leaders from the Qatar Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (QPhUS) and the CPH Student Representative Council.

It also included a number of faculty and staff who work closely with students. This forum was the first of its kind at the college and aimed to highlight the importance of leadership and how to be an effective leader.
The forum began with a discussion of the attributes and expectations of a leader, followed by an activity called “Team Role Inventory,” where participants rated each individual’s behavior in a team environment. Subsequently, a Soar (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Outcomes) analysis activity was conducted in which participants were divided into groups to discuss student leadership at CPH and key priorities in terms of strengths, opportunities. , aspirations and results. The groups rotated between the different stations according to these areas. The forum ended with a constructive feedback activity.
QU-CPH Dean, Dr. Feras Alali, said, “At CPH, we are committed to providing professional development opportunities for our students. Leadership is one of the soft skills we consider essential to the success of graduate pharmacists as healthcare providers. The Student Leaders Forum was a real success due to the excellent planning, organization, faculty engagement and being primarily student driven. “
QU-CPH Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Alla al-Awaisi said, “The College of Pharmacy student leaders are a real asset to the college and have engaged in various initiatives and activities over the years. . To further enhance their experiences, we have organized this Student Leadership Forum for CPH student leaders wishing to further develop their leadership skills to become effective and successful future pharmacy leaders to help advance healthcare in Qatar. and in the world in accordance with the vision and mission of the College. ”
Abrar Abdelrahman, Chair of the CPH Board of Trustees, said, “The college’s first-ever Student Leaders Forum provided exceptional communication between student leaders from different student organizations, as well as members of the College Board of Trustees. of pharmacy. This will develop and enhance the roles of these student organizations, strengthen their leadership skills, and enable them to participate in decision-making, which in turn will improve student satisfaction with college extracurricular events.
Marwa Elshazly, President of QPhUS said, “The first CPH Student Leaders Forum was one of a kind, it is crucial to understand the importance of leadership and how to be an effective leader and this was offered by the various activities , and I look forward to having this forum every year.
Baleegh Abdulmajeed, Male Chairman of the CPH Board of Trustees, added, “It was a fruitful meeting during which our relationship with the college administration intensified, and we got to know each other and learned many skills to develop college student leadership capabilities.”

Melvin B. Baillie