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Learn more about your candidates

The League of Women Voters of Vigo County continues its voter engagement work in this year’s elections.

Voters can access to explore the races on the ballot in the primary. Here, voters can learn more about the candidates’ backgrounds, qualifications, priorities and political positions.

This resource is user-friendly: just enter your address to find information about the candidates listed on your ballot. Polling stations are now open ahead of the May 3 primary; know before you go with

— Carly Schmitt, Ph.D.

President, League of Women Voters of Vigo County

Hating medicare, social security

I’ve heard too many moans and moans from Jeffrey Aitken about so-called ‘liberal socialist democrats’ as he sits on his assets, pulls his social security and uses his health insurance so he can pay his medical care inflated by capitalism and its overpriced prescriptions.

Jeffrey’s favorite Fox News raves about this butcher, Vladimir Putin. Their number one program, Tucker Carlson, validates all the licentious and propagandistic lies that Putin concocts. Putin’s propaganda machine records every utterance of Tucker Carlson, tags it with a Russian-translated clue, and broadcasts it across Russia as America’s take on Putin’s murderous rampages, on the only news channel Russians are on. allowed to watch.

Jeffrey’s favorite party, the “Free Mute Caucus” Republicans, refuses to vote for Ukraine appropriations so that defensive weapons going to Ukraine can be purchased from American defense contractors. Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene says we shouldn’t send arms to Ukraine. Not a single word of criticism of Donald Trump was ever written by Jeffrey. Donald Trump, who tried to extort President Zelensky from Ukraine by withholding the very weapons they now use to win their war, and was impeached for it. The traitor Trump made a deal with Putin to pull the United States out of NATO, so Putin could easily take over Ukraine and ended his term trying to overthrow an election he lost.

Finally, Jeffrey picks and chooses his science. He consistently rejects climate change but he rushed to get the Covid-19 shot the government bought him. If there’s anything that sickens an oligarch, whether American or Russian, it’s a fair-weather capitalist like Jeffrey, who pretends no idea or conscience to accept gifts from what he calls the socialism that American workers have fought for years. get for him.

—John Garner, Terre Haute

Burning emotions about the war in Ukraine

Over the past few weeks I have seen media coverage of the terrible disaster in Ukraine. I am so conflicted. I have emotions bouncing all around me. Everything I was raised to believe is tested. My faith. My belief in people.

I am a Roman Catholic and it was the season of Advent in preparation for Easter. A sacred time. However, as I watch the suffering of children in Ukraine as well as their families and others, I am consumed with anger and rage. Seeing Vladimir Putin’s flat, smug face makes me want to be able to grab him by the throat and get the gas out of him. I admit that my rage is still fueled by the fact that many of my generation of parents live in one of the Baltic countries near Poland.

In return for the above, I am moved by the outpouring of help and support from all walks of life across the world. From children, religious people of all denominations, to religious groups, former military and non-military volunteers with a humanitarian heart, and citizens from all walks of life. Seeing this revives the warmth in my heart as well as hope.

At this point, as my wife gently reminds me, it is a time of prayer. I ask those of you who would be so inclined to join me in praying for our fellow citizens in Ukraine and for everyone who is trying to help.

—John Kuchinskas, Terre Haute

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