Russia Pavilion Hosted Russia: Travel Forum January 8, 2022 at Expo 2020 Dubai

Sergey Dolya, travel blogger, Boris Titov, Owner and majority shareholder of the “Abrau-Durso” group of companies, Graham Cooke, founder of the World Travel Award, Alexey Karakhan, Manager of the “Youth” tourist club of Altai, Irina Rudyka, Head of the “TopBlog” project within the presidential platform “Russia – Country of Opportunity”, Natalia Esayan, CEO of MI Travel Group, Director of Development of Elgas Tour Operator and co-founder of the International Cooperation Fund “Navigator”, Olga Shebzukhova, Chairman of the Board of Alliance Marine Development and CEO of LLC “Center for the Development of Recreational Areas” New Horizons “, Andrey Terekhin, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United Arab Emirates discussed the tourism potential in Russia with Alexander Sysoev, co-owner of 11 restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg, owner of the Russian Restaurant Festival, the largest gas event economics of Russia.

Boris Titov commented: “Enotourism is developing rapidly in Russia to attract international travelers due to the various places and activities that can be offered to them. Among the great examples, let us quote the cellar “Mria Wine Park” with a depth of 60 meters underground, the cellar “Massandra” in Crimea welcoming 60,000 people each year and “Abrau Durso” where wine tourism merges with other Tourist attractions. The location offers ecotourism in the historic wine production, camping and water sports possibilities on Lake Abrau, wellness tourism, shopping and a wide range of gastronomic experiences, which makes it suitable not only for a short visit but for a longer stay for local and international travelers ”.

Alexey Karakhan also mentioned: “The Altai regions are one of the most beautiful places in the world 0, it was even included in the“ Top 5 places in the world ”by National Geographic. Our “Youth” platform focuses on this place and has worked on the obstacles that separate it from the general public: we have connected the authenticity of the Russian way of life, gastronomy and premium quality of life. Our last tour included guests from Korea. Ireland, India, Israel and Moscow, proving that tourism to remote areas of Russia is becoming attractive to travelers breaking down the myths of the discomfort and lack of service that customers previously expected ” .

Graham Cooke: “Russia is 200 times the size of the United Arab Emirates and has a population of 14 times the population, but the number of arrivals per year between the two countries is about the same. When I look at social media in both countries, I am surprised to see that the “Russia. The Travel platform has only 5,000 subscribers. I admire the creativity of the Russian people and the integrity of their heritage and more people should open it for themselves. To develop the tourism segment in Russia, citizens, especially the younger generation, should take advantage of the opportunities of the social media marketing segment to show Russia’s strengths to the global audience and promote the message of the great opportunities it has. offers to international visitors ”.

Alexander Sysoev said: “One of our projects recently received the Michelin star, however, the UAE public does not recognize it. Today Moscow restaurants have become equal to Dubai establishments in terms of service while prices remain incomparably cheaper, giving us an edge as a fine dining destination. We have also developed a food festival that allows visitors to try the first class dining experience at an affordable price for 20 days a year. We have also developed the food guide for the Russian public and are working on an extension of this guide for places in Dubai allowing members of our virtual community to extend their experiences. This strategy will also open Russian gastronomy to the public in the United Arab Emirates ”.

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