Schneider Electric announces collaboration with Intel and Claroty at the ARC Forum in Orlando

Schneider Electric collaborates with Intel to drive industrial innovation

At the ARC Forum in Orlando, Schneider-Electric announced a collaboration with Intel to extend EcoStruxure Automation Expert by creating a DCN (Distributed Control Node) software infrastructure complemented by an associated DCN hardware offer based on an Intel processor.

By combining the performance, security, and deployment capabilities of Intel Edge Controls for Industrial (ECI) technology with EcoStruxure Automation Expert, the DCN framework can simplify and accelerate the development of software-defined control systems. Additionally, the DCN will enable EcoStruxure Automation Expert – the world’s first software-centric automation system – to scale faster and further in process industries including energy and chemical, mining mining, water/wastewater, pharmaceutical and hybrid markets.

This DCN development will be based on Universal Automation (, an organization that manages the implementation of a shared source runtime based on the IEC61499 standard. EcoStruxure Automation Expert represents the first of a new era of automation software based on this shared runtime.

A fundamental feature of EcoStruxure Automation Expert is the ability to decouple software from hardware. This allows hardware to be upgraded as needed to improve system performance while the application remains the same, protecting the customer’s intellectual property and investment. The joint effort between Schneider-Electric and Intel exemplify the industry’s transition from fixed-function hardware to software-defined, flexible, plug-and-play solutions that provide customers with greater operational efficiency.

Claroty and Schneider Electric collaborate to improve industrial cybersecurity

Schneider-Electric announced its collaboration with Claroty, the security company for cyber-physical systems in industrial, medical and commercial environments.

Announced at the ARC Forum in Orlando, the agreement builds on the two companies’ existing relationship and leadership in their respective industries. Schneider-Electric will now integrate the Claroty platform into its offering, enabling it to better address new cybersecurity concerns, including the protection, security and assurance of industrial customers.

The collaboration between Schneider-Electric and Claroty provides the industry with an enhanced level of cybersecurity.

The Claroty platform reveals and protects all OT, IoT and IIoT assets while detecting and enabling a response to early indicators of potential threats. With flexible and rapid deployment options, integration ecosystem and API, the platform integrates seamlessly with customers’ existing technology stacks and is universally compatible with their existing workflows, regardless of the scale, architecture or programmatic maturity. The platform is one of the industry’s solutions with fully integrated secure remote access and remote incident management capabilities spanning the entire incident lifecycle.

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