Selling a property, to be or not to be.

Maybe 4 or 5 months ago I mentioned (in another post) that our new neighbor is one of many mayors in Luzon and has bought the vacant land next door and the mansion behind us (a land set back from the beach) and interest was expressed in purchasing my little piece of paradise at the time. We said we were happy here and not interested.
3 weeks ago we were told by the manager of the estate agent’s office that we had purchased this property contacting Ben to see if we were interested in selling as they have a lot of clients who want the beachfront. No, he told them that the property is not for sale. Another call to Ben, are you sure? No, he replied, where can we find a property like this here?

2 weeks ago I noticed a new Ford Raptor parked in front of my driveway and 10 minutes later in the vacant lot next to it (mayors lot) with 4 guys and all of them looking and pointing at my lot, 5 minutes more late they were on the beach looking at my lot again, I noticed it but gave it little thought until today.

Ben was clearing brush and I saw him chatting with 2 guys at the door, 10 minutes later once they left in their 200 series Landcruiser he came back to the house to check on me. He was the office manager and director of the same company that we bought this property over 5 years ago. They told Ben they just had a meeting with the mayor and he wants to buy our property and how much do we want for it? Ben told them it’s not for sale but a stupid offer could sway Steve’s thinking, at which point they asked him, ask your mayor how stupid he can be, we discuss after that. Also sounds like Ben said he’s trying to buy all the property here on the beach. Another seaside resort in La Union?

Anyway, everyone knows what’s going on here and the bolo is under the bed, a few other toys as well.

Off topic, but it seems street food won’t get me out, but greed might.

Sorry for the rant guys.

Well done, Steve.

Melvin B. Baillie