Single-family house on rustic land

Hi, I searched the forum but couldn’t find a conclusive answer. BTW, it’s even harder to get a helpful response from an agency or salesperson. “Please call me” is the response. Many PDMs say you can build on forest land to support forestry activities:

“Only in compatible situations provided for by a forest management plan approved by the national forestry authority are constructions permitted in the following situations… For residential purposes to support forestry activities , with a single-family dwelling of a height equal to or less than two floors and served by a public road, a minimum plot area of ​​10,000 m2, a gross floor area not exceeding 250 m2…”

Is there a definition of “forestry activities”? Do you like taking care of trees and a permaculture forest garden?

Then there is this warning:

Rustica change of use is unlikely to be granted, if you have a tarmac road along one or more boundaries then usually (not always) planning permission can be obtained for the area parallel to the route to a depth of 50 meters measured from the center of route. If there is an area you can only build on a footprint of a percentage area that also includes septic tanks, so again a build is not always viable or possible.

In my experience, the agencies do not even answer when asked if a rustic piece of land is intended for housing because it is more than 10,000 m2. Private sellers easily confirm everything but only over the phone. Am I correct in concluding that unless land is marked urban or has an item classified for habitation (eg ruin) it is impossible to build a habitation? Anyone who says you can build just because the land is over 10,000m2 is wrong?

Melvin B. Baillie