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The Experiential Yachting Forum welcomed 350 participants to the Yacht Club de Monaco on April 21, 2022…

Yachting industry professionals, yacht owners, owner representatives and experience providers were just some of the attendees at the first-ever International Experiential Yachting Forum. The main objective of the forum was to discuss the alternative use of superyachts and to discover unique yachting experiences that bring additional value and purpose to the use of a vessel for yacht owners, charterers and charterers. ‘crew.

Maria Alekseenko Magan, the forum’s founder, told the press: “The feedback we received from the event exceeded all expectations. Experiential Yachting’s mission is to change the perception of yachting and inspire people to see yachting from a different perspective, where purpose plays a primary role in the decision-making process. Magan continues: “And where yachting can be viewed as an investment through the philosophy that experience is a new kind of asset and a yacht can be used as a floating establishment for community workspaces, retirement, experiential learning or research, for medical or rehabilitation purposes, social needs or exclusive trade.

The main sponsors of the event were Dutch yacht builders Oceanco, their Group Marketing Director, Paris Baloumis, contributed by speaking at ‘The Builder’s Expectation; Building for the next generation”.

Baloumis said: “It was refreshing to be part of an event that put the experience at the center of the discussion. It was also positive to explore the ways in which yachts can make a meaningful contribution to the wider world, beyond those who are just sailing.

Martin Redmayne, Superyacht Group Chairman and co-moderator of the Experiential Yachting Forum, said: “With more than 5,500 superyachts over 30m owned by less than 4,000 UHNWIs worldwide, and keeping mind that part of this fleet is worth less than 1 million euros – we have huge potential for growth by showing over 300,000 “non-yacht owners” that yacht ownership can make more sense, deliver better value and deliver more engaging experiences!”

Magan confirms that the Experiential Yachting Forum will be held in different parts of the world, she says: “The unique event will continue to broaden the perception of yachting and attract forward-thinkers and an open-minded new generation of owners and of potential yacht charters to promote the alternative use of superyachts and identify a niche for multifunctional superyachts.

Redmayne further contributed to the sustainability debate by highlighting the wider marine ecosystem: “People don’t realize how important the ocean is as an ecosystem. Whales and phytoplankton, for example, are a vital part of planetary health. Yacht owners can implement simple solutions to protect the whales, the solutions already exist and there must be a willingness to get involved in a story with a positive impact on the planet.

Yacht owners were able to share their opinions during a dedicated session on the needs and expectations of the next generation of yacht owners. All participants were entered into a raffle to win an Atlantic Ocean experience in Portugal, generously offered by its owner, aboard the M/Y Stardust of Mary. A deluxe treasure hunt quest also took place for all physically present participants. This has opened the doors to such forums around the world to allow discussions on a variety of different yachting related topics and how to change the perception of yachting.

The first international experiential yachting forum

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Melvin B. Baillie