The 2022 Olympic Cities Development Forum is held in Shougang

BEIJING, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As an important part of the 2022 China International Trade Fair for Services, the 2022 Olympic Cities Development Forum is hosted by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association and organized by the Center Beijing Olympic City Development Corporation and ADG Expo Group Co., Ltd., which was officially held at Beijing’s Shougang Park on the afternoon of September 1stst. Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr, Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, gave a keynote address. Liu Jingmin, executive vice president of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, delivered a speech. Fu Xiaohui, secretary general of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, delivered a keynote speech. Marie Sallois, responsible for corporate and sustainable development of the International Olympic Committee; Günther Platter, Governor of Tyrol, Austria; Gianluca LorenziMajor of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy; Ingunn TROSHOLMEN, Mayor of Lillehammer, Norway; Liu Haifeng, Vice Mayor of Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s Government; Zhu Yuetao, deputy secretary of Qingdao Sailing Olympic City Development Association; Zhang Xiaoqi, chairman of Nanjing Sports Industry Group, delivered keynote speeches. Zhang Li, Executive Vice President of Asia Digital Group; Li Guohong, director of the United Front Work Department of the Beijing Municipal CPC Chaoyang District Committee; Ren Jianghao, Vice Governor of Yanqing District Government, beijing; Wang Shihong, Vice Mayor of Jilin Municipal People’s Government and Wang Daming, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd held a round table. The forum’s moderator is Gao Yunchao, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association. Wang Kun, deputy bureau chief of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center; Wang Shuxian, general manager of Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation, and Zhu Dongfang, CEO of Asia Digital Group attended the forum.

Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr said in his speech that as the first city in the world to host both Summer and Winter Olympics, beijing set an example to the world in the sustainable use of the Olympic legacy. As an international platform for exchange and cooperation among Olympic cities, the Olympic Cities Development Forum has enhanced friendship and mutual trust among Olympic cities around the world, strengthened exchanges and cooperation in the field of sports culture, pooled experience and creativity in the legacy and use of Olympic heritage heritage, and promoted the development of the ice and snow industry and the popularization of sports ice and snow. He expects the Olympic Cities Development Forum to continue to be a legacy of the Winter Olympics, play an important role in promoting the integrated development of Olympic cities around the world, and become a class event. world for exchange and mutual aid in learning about the Olympic heritage.

Liu Jingmin said in his speech that the successful conclusion of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has presented the world with a streamlined, safe, splendid and unprecedented Winter Olympics and fulfilled its solemn commitment to the international community. The Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are a vivid demonstration of the concept of hosting a green, shared, open and corruption-free Olympic Games, and an achievement in implementing a new concept of development, building ‘a new model of development and the promotion of high-quality development. The rich heritage of the Winter Olympics is a valuable asset for the double Olympic city. He also gave an in-depth summary of the legacy of beijing the hosting of two Olympic Games, which set the direction for sustainable, green and people-centred urban development for beijing. He also said that as an organization carrying on the dual Olympic heritage, the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association will fully implement the deployment of the beijing municipal party committee and government, implement people-centered development thinking, inherit and make good use of the dual Olympic heritage, and let the people share the achievements of the Olympic Games.

Fu Xiaohui stressed that innovation is the driving force of development in our times, and sustainability is the key to continuous development. Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association was conceived and developed in the process of innovation and has been committed to innovation since its inception, constantly exploring ways to effectively carry on the Olympic legacy and striving to achieve the sustainable development of the Olympic legacy. The Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association will remain committed to “the main position of spreading the Olympic spirit and inheriting the Olympic legacy; serving as a one-stop window to help build beijing in an international clearinghouse; a high-end think tank serving the organization of major international sporting events; an effective force in promoting the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjaikou sports cultural tourism belt”. These four functions translate into efforts in four aspects, namely legacy and innovation, that is, inheriting of the “double Olympic heritage”; remaining committed to our duties, that is to strengthen the publicity of the “double Olympic heritage”; extensive cooperation, which means full sharing of the “double Olympic heritage”; serving the city, which means making good use of the “double Olympic heritage”. In the next step, the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association will work with all sectors of society to achieve solid results in the post-Olympic era, to do a good job of inheriting and using the “double Olympic legacy”, to continue the glory of the “double Olympic city”, to look forward to the successful opening of the 20e CPC National Congress with concrete action.

In addition, representatives of domestic and foreign Olympic cities gave keynote speeches on the theme of “innovation” and “sustainability”, shared valuable experience of Olympic cities leveraging the legacy of the Olympic Games in winter to promote the sustainable development of cities, winning applause from the guests.

At the end of the forum, with Zhang Li as moderator, representatives from Chaoyang District, Yanqing District to beijing, Jilin The city and park of Shougang had a round table on issues such as the sustainable development of regions in the post-Olympic era.

Themed “Follow the Olympic Spirit, Build a Better City – Innovation and Sustainability,” the forum combined an offline forum and global livestream, bringing together experts and scholars in the field of Olympic city development across the country. and abroad, to discuss various topics such as Olympic opportunities and urban development, urban planning of host cities and use of venues after sporting events, international cooperation and exchanges between host cities, and experience in legacy and the use of Olympic legacy to provide suggestions for the future development of Olympic cities. It is worth mentioning that this forum also presented an Olympic-themed photo exhibition on site to demonstrate the charm of the Olympic cities with beautiful images and open a visual window for the public to learn more about the Olympic cities.

Since the Olympic Cities Development Forum was first held in beijing in 2009, it invited the President of the World Union of Olympic Cities, mayors or representatives of the cities of helsinki and Lahti of FinlandLillehammer’s Norway, Sapporo and Nagano of JapanLausanne and St. Moritz of SwissPyeongchang’s South KoreaTirol of Austriaand Cortina d’Ampezzo from Italy to attend and deliver keynote speeches, and played an important role in promoting the exchange of Olympic legacy experiences, sharing good ideas for the rational development of the ice cream industry and snow, popularization and development of ice and snow sports, publicity and demonstration of the Beijing Winter Olympics concept.

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