The construction of the Havhingsten cable system is complete!

Havhingsten cable system offers new diverse route and lowest latency between Ireland, UK and Nordics

Aqua Comms Press Release
March 23, 2022

Dublin, Ireland and Oslo, Norway – Aqua Commsone of the leading network connectivity service providers, bulk fiber Networks, , a leading builder and operator of fiber optic network infrastructure, and Meta have completed construction of the Havhingsten cable system. A fully funded project, the parties have contracted with Alcatel Submarine Networks (“ASN”) to build the submarine cable, which will bring greater connectivity to Europe and the Nordic countries.

This new route represents true diversity by avoiding congested paths across the English Channel and provides resilient network architecture options for enterprises, carriers and hyperscalers while delivering the lowest latency available between Dublin and the Nordic region.

The Havhingsten Cable System featured several key innovations and technology milestones throughout its design and construction.

Firstly, Havhingsten is the world’s first aluminum conductor fed submarine cable system. As a material, aluminum allows for a much lower cable conductor voltage drop, which ultimately allows for a greater number of fiber pairs per cable. Achieving such innovative solutions requires investing in technology and working closely with partners and suppliers. Eliminating the traditional copper raw material and replacing it with aluminum from the manufacturing process benefits the entire system in terms of efficiency and cost savings, as copper is associated with variable availability and at a higher price. Additional benefits include lighter aluminum allowing for more cables to be loaded onto an installation vessel and better resistance to hydrogen ingress, an element adverse to fiber optic operation in ocean waters.

Second, the end-to-end system seamlessly combines data transmission over a non-repeating submarine segment in the Irish Sea, a land segment in the UK and a repeating segment in the North Sea. Typical systems have one or two of these elements, but not all three.

Finally, the system used a new and improved jet-assisted buried plow in the North Sea and Irish Sea segments, allowing system installers to bury the cable to our specific demanding level of protection in harsh conditions. very difficult seabed along the route.

About Aqua Comms:

Aqua Comms is a leading provider of global underwater connectivity services delivered through an extensive portfolio of owned and operated underwater systems. Aqua Comms provides connectivity network solutions, including managed capacity, spectrum and dark fiber services to the global content, cloud and carrier markets.
To learn more about Aqua Comms and its portfolio of connectivity network solutions, visit

In April 2021, Aqua Comms DAC was acquired by Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9), an LSE-listed investment trust managed by Triple Point Investment Management LLP.

D9 is a digital infrastructure investment trust that has raised over US$1.1 billion since its IPO in March 2021, investing in data centers and fiber networks. Its team has over $300 billion of transactional and operational experience in digital infrastructure. Digital infrastructure number 9 comes from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 9, which focuses the fund on investments that bridge the digital divide by increasing global connectivity and that improve environmental sustainability of digital infrastructure.

To learn more about D9, visit www.

About bulk fiber networks:

Bulk Fiber Networks is a leading builder and operator of fiber network infrastructure, custom-built to meet the growing demands of large-scale data and cloud service providers in the Nordics, USA and Europe. Europe. We offer some of the shortest, lowest latency international and intra-Nordic fiber routes available. To find out how Bulk Fiber Networks can help you connect to the Nordics, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Bulk Fiber Networks is a division of Bulk Infrastructure, one of the leading providers of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics.

About Meta:

Meta develops technologies that help people connect, find communities and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp have empowered billions of people around the world. Now Meta is moving beyond 2D screens to immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution of social technology.

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