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“…(P)perhaps we should hold a referendum to decide the fate of Dandy,” suggests the author of the July 13 “Rambling” letter, an apt description of his statement.

Here’s the thing: we had one. As the Journal pointed out (“In Defense of Dandelions,” July 8), the city held a bond referendum in 2018 that included money for public art and the majority of voters voted it. approved.

Or are we supposed to review every decision voters make every time a malcontent wakes up and complains?

More appropriate

The city council should consider a more suitable location for the dandelion sculpture.

People also read…

I suggest it be placed in Kimberly Park in front of the taxpayer funded greenhouse that has yet to produce a single leaf of lettuce. There, it can be a constant reminder, to the city council, of how not to waste taxpayers’ money.

nothing but cruelty

With the overthrow of Roe by Supreme Court supporters, we see more and more that the Republican Party represents nothing but cruelty. His top priority appears to be bringing pain to his perceived enemies – who now include 10-year-old rape victims.

Early Republican pundits and lawmakers said the story of the raped 10-year-old girl from Ohio was false.

Well, the story turned out to be true. But rather than apologize, Republicans sued Indiana doctor Caitlin Bernard, who performed the abortion. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita took to Fox News and said he would investigate whether she broke state law.

Well, turns out Dr. Bernard followed the law, which you’d think Rokita would know.

Some Republicans, like South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, have insisted the 10-year-old should still have been forced to carry her pregnancy to term, even if it put her own life at risk. For them, this child has become a symbol of their insistence that no humanitarian exception should ever be allowed.

We see the same thing happening in Texas, where Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the federal government over President Biden’s executive order that women whose lives are threatened by pregnancy have the right to abortion.

For these Republican activists, women are nothing more than reproducers, existing for the sole purpose of giving birth.

I know most Republicans don’t feel that way. So why do they keep voting for politicians who do?


Retired Sergeant. Aquilino Gonell, a Capitol police officer who was badly beaten during the Jan. 6 uprising, told MSNBC last week that all but two Republican lawmakers avoided him and pretended not to see him. in the halls of Congress.

We know who those two are: Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

The rest of the Republicans are too ashamed after supporting the people who beat Gonell.

Come on, Republicans; it’s not blue. Former President Trump cheated you. He is not worthy of your support, nor are the Trump worshipers who currently make up nearly half of Congress.

Better to vote for 10 President Bidens than for these traitors.

Gone too far?

It was reported last week that the Forsyth County Republican Party was selling guns as a fundraising method (“Local GOP to raffle off guns, ammo”, July 13). So let’s translate this: they’re making a game of putting more guns on the streets, putting us all in even more danger. It won’t be long before our community sees this kind of violence ravaging many cities across our country as a direct result of their actions.

When will these Republicans wake up? What are they thinking? Or have they gone too far? May God help us all.

Howard “Bud” R. Stentz Jr.

Nothing positive

The best leaders in town will sometimes make mistakes. They will definitely be criticized even if they are perfect. But I refuse to believe that we can’t have anything positive or beneficial in our city—that the city can’t vote for anything uplifting or even risky—until every avaricious fiscal conservative is satisfied.

“The City of Arts and Innovation” deserves public art, and if that art is controversial, so much the better. It’s not Pottersville.

Melvin B. Baillie