The Third International Ratings Forum was held

UZBEKISTAN, May 6 – The May 7, the Third International Ratings Forum took place in Tashkent.

This forum was mainly focused on the impact of economic reforms in Uzbekistan on the country’s position in global international rankings. The Forum started with the Opening Ceremony then continued with sessions related to environmental issues, prospects for the development of the digital economy, social awareness, economic challenges in the reform agenda and the rule of law and the fight against corruption. The listed sessions were held by expert economists as well as civil servants, where they highlighted government efforts in each mentioned sector, talked about the challenges they face and suggested possible solutions. Moreover, during the Q&A sessions, the speakers were asked different questions by the audience, which were followed by detailed answers from them.

In this regard, there were a few good reasons for choosing these topics to discuss with the audience. In the session on environmental issues, it was emphasized that the environment is an important issue even when society is facing endless economic crises and social problems. Regarding the session Digital Economy, challenges, opportunities and importance were discussed. In general, digitization brings about fundamental transformations in all spheres of human life and activities.

Session “Creating new opportunities through social awareness” was one of the most informative sessions of the Forum, as it captured the issues facing our society today. In addition, improving the quality of life of the population is one of the priority areas of the socio-economic policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Next “Economic challenges in the reform program” Session participants agreed that Uzbekistan should continue to create a better investment and business climate, efficient market mechanisms. So far, remarkable progress in economic reforms can be observed. To name but a few, the liberalization of the foreign exchange market, the issuance of the first Eurobonds, the privatization of state assets, the elimination of a number of administrative obstacles, the reform tax, the reduction of a number of administrative costs linked to business.

After the completion of the event, we can say that all experts and government officials showed their high commitment to the prosperity of Uzbekistan. This Forum was a great opportunity for local and foreign officials to exchange their opinions in the sector of the economy. Furthermore, this Forum has carefully blended and balanced the best of many types of organizations, from the public and private sectors, international organizations and academic institutions.

Source: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Melvin B. Baillie