The world’s largest forum for exploring wartime and post-war economic and investment prospects

Davos, Switzerland – On May 24, 2022, alongside the world’s largest gathering of business builders and policymakers, the Swiss city of Davos will host the International Conference Davos by ILP Group: Alternative Investments, taking place at the Precise Tale Seehof Hotel.

Titled “Alternative Investment Options and the Hotel Real Estate Market Under the Impact of Global Economic Turmoil and a Rapidly Changing Investment Environment. Outlook and Trends for 2022”, the conference will bring together investors, analysts and investment bankers from around the world.

Managing Partner of ILP Group, the organizer of the event, Kseniya Korzun points out that the war between Ukraine and Russia has changed the global landscape of alternative investment, which will be in the spotlight at the conference. Speakers covering the topic include renowned experts from the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, and other countries. “Specifically, the discussion will focus on investor migration, ‘black swans’, supply and demand structure, and a number of other industry-related issues,” Ms. Korzun noted.

Ksenyia Korzun is a recognized hotel real estate professional specializing in hotel M&A transactions. Ksenyia has extensive experience speaking at international conferences and events, including in Davos, Switzerland. Managing Partner of the ILP Group, she advises investment funds and individual clients on a range of issues related to hotel acquisitions, offering comprehensive guidance and support throughout the project.

Conference panels:

Alternative investments in 2022

– Migration of investors;

– “Black Swans” and challenges; and

– Trends and forecasts.

Business immigration programs. Relocation of enterprises from the CIS in times of war and post-war. US, Canada, UK, EU

– Overview of new programs for 2022; – Industry outlook and trend forecast for 2022; – Types of companies having relocated their activities given the current situation; – Privileges and exemptions for certain companies and certain countries; and – The challenges of relocating employees.

The EU hotel real estate market

– Outlook and analysis of the dynamics of the EU hotel real estate market in 2021-2023;

– Evolution of supply and demand for hotel real estate in the EU in 2021-2022;

– COVID and post-COVID trends;

– Market fluctuations and risks in a volatile global economic environment in 2022; and

– Distressed assets.

Trophy and big hotels. High-yielding off-market hotel properties in major EU cities. London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and elsewhere

– Demand for trophies and major hotels in 2021-2022: structure, analysis and latest information;

– ROI as calculated weakness of trophy hotels;

– Issues related to the delivery of trophy hotels, historical family heritage; and

– Due diligence of the assets of the trophy.

Alternative investments in Germany: New market segments

– Fashion as a high yield industry;

– Crypto: ROI and risks; and

– Emerging real estate market segments.

The conference will be held in a high security area accessible only to special badge holders after prior online identity verification. ILP Group will assist speakers and attendees with security screening.

Participant in the AQRU event, an example of emerging alternative investment opportunities

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What makes AQRU an exemplary example of emerging opportunities is that it offers investors a real alternative to underperforming traditional assets like bonds, earning them up to 12% interest on crypto assets. they hold with AQRU. Now compare that to the current yield of 1.7-1.8% on 52-week Treasury bills. That’s not even close to keeping up with inflation rates of 8.5%.

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