Three-Day Biotech Youth Forum Concludes at Comstech

Islamabad: The three-day ‘Youth Biotechnology Forum’ ended on Thursday after national and international participants deliberated on the importance of biotechnology for achieving success in all spheres of life.

The forum was organized by Comstech in collaboration with the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, Turkey and the Islamic Organization for Food Security, Kazakhstan.

Speaking on the occasion, the General Coordinator of Comstech, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary said that this forum is important to address the challenge of food security. He emphasized the need for the introduction and use of new technologies and better management to tackle the problem of food security faced by OIC States.

He said agricultural biotechnology will help produce enough food to feed hunger.

Speaking to APP, Assistant Professor, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, Seckin Eroglu said: “I am 16 years old and I came from Turkey with other colleagues to attend this forum. I am from Middle East Technical University. I am an assistant professor in plant biology. “I am delighted to come here. We are talking about biotechnology. I am grateful to COMSTECH for organizing this event,” he said.

Another visitor from Turkey, Prof. Dr. Leyla Acik, from Gazi University, said: “Comstech invited me to participate in this biotechnology forum. I’m so happy to be here. She continued, “Here are such beautiful landscapes. I love Pakistan and Pakistani friends. Thank you for everything.”

Speakers at the forum highlighted the importance of biotechnology and called it a historic achievement without which the green revolution cannot be possible. The forum was inaugurated on Tuesday by the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, while Ambassadors/Diplomats from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Somalia, Qatar, Iraq and from Uzbekistan attended the event.

Inaugural day speakers urged young scientists to work hard and come up with new and innovative ethical and moral solutions for humanity and the rapid adoption of new technologies for the rapid growth of the developing world.

“Comstech should take the lead in the rapid adaptation of emerging technologies in the OIC region,” they stressed. “Those who are ahead in the OIC States are coming forward and showing leadership to change attitudes towards adapting new technologies to succeed in all spheres of life,” the speakers said.

OISA Director Dr. Ismail Abdel Hamid said biotechnology is essential for human development and achieving food security.

He said this forum will help us explore new avenues, generate new ideas and methodologies to understand biotechnology and its use to solve the problem of food security.

Dr. Hamid gave a brief overview of the IOFS program and projects.

Young Business Hub, Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum CEO Sami Serdar expressed his solidarity, condolences and prayers for the recent flood victims in Pakistan.

He said today that we are here for young people who want a big change for a better future.

He said technologies play an important role in improving human life and biotechnology plays an important role in our daily lives to solve global problems.

Serdar suggested a united effort with strong and continued commitment.

This three-day forum brought together more than 170 national and international participants in person, while many people from 35 OIC Member States attended this forum online. More than 30 local and international scholars presented lectures at this forum.

Melvin B. Baillie