Tribute to the CCISD school board for “rising” during a difficult season

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A quick online news search for “school board” returns approximately 195 million visits. Without a doubt, school board members across the country found themselves navigating the difficult work of guiding district policies in an increasingly noisy environment.

I am proud to say that the Corpus Christi ISD Board of Directors has moved past the issues of the past two school years and continues to have the best interests of our students at heart. For this, they deserve special praise during School Board Recognition Month.

Our school board has continued to be successful through two-way communications with district leaders, their ability to function as a knowledgeable and forward-thinking team, and their connection to our community.


I tell every school board member that they are my eyes and ears in the community as they represent the districts of Corpus Christi or hold positions of responsibility. This is why I make sure that there are always open lines of communication between myself, the board and my management staff. We keep these lines of communication open by establishing a productive working relationship.

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Members of our Board of Directors receive our weekly community newsletter, which celebrates district accomplishments and shares updates. I provide one-on-one training to new board members and solicit their questions and comments on the wide variety of issues that a large school district like ours tackles in any given year.

This two-way communication gives me the opportunity to hear the perspectives of our board members and to better understand their perspectives on our district. I appreciate their frankness because it gives me perspectives that I might not have considered.

Team work

I am also fortunate to have such a strong, experienced and open-minded school board that works as a team. Each board member is well trained on Lone Star Governance, a system that helps them create performance-focused goals for students and academics. It also helps them understand and understand their role in guiding district policies and building systems that improve our district.

For this reason, our members keep student results at the center of all their decisions. In addition, once the council has made a decision, they are united in that decision.

I am proud of the accomplishments this school board has helped make possible. Our district appreciates their support in the form of the united front they present to the community as well as their service-oriented mindset.

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Finally, I am proud of the dedication of our school board and its ties to the community of Corpus Christi. For some, the work of a school board member is too demanding at the best of times and becomes unbearable in difficult times. The members of our board of directors persevered. They make it a priority to attend school events and attend community functions while remaining accessible to anyone with a question about district policies. In addition, the unwavering support of our Board of Directors has been crucial throughout the pandemic. It is this connection to the community that makes the CCISD Board of Directors so effective.

Over the years, CCISD students’ access to state-of-the-art facilities, programs and internships has continued to thrive. This growth can be attributed to the men and women who sit on the school board. They include parents of current CCISD students or CCISD graduates, educators who have served with the district, or members of the community who simply have a constant desire to help our district succeed. They include retired educators, local leaders and natives of Corpus Christi. The members of our Board of Directors are representative of the people they serve. Let us honor their willingness to take on this important volunteer position in these difficult times. I am honored to work with them to provide an exceptional educational experience for all students of Corpus Christi ISD.

Dr. Roland Hernandez is the superintendent of the Corpus Christi Independent School District.

This article originally appeared on Corpus Christi Caller Times: Honoring CCISD School Board For ‘Rising Above’ During Tough Season

Melvin B. Baillie