Universal Robots to demonstrate the latest in collaborative automation

@AuManufacturing has partnered with International Exhibition & Conference Group for this month’s Modern Manufacturing Expo in Sydney. Here we hear about the exhibitor Universal Robots.

Universal Robots will showcase its latest thinking in collaborative automation at the inaugural Modern Manufacturing Expo in Sydney this month.

The company has made a name for itself as a local industry partner and is actively working to expand its presence in Australia, said Masayuki (Masa) Mase, country manager for Universal Robots Oceania.

He said: “We are thrilled to be part of Modern Manufacturing Expo history.

“We have invested in field sales and technical support and are able to serve customers throughout the region.”

It’s no secret that the demand for collaborative automation continues to soar, with the latest annual revenue reported by Universal Robots indicating rapid growth.

“Despite the economic challenges faced globally, automation has come to the fore in the thinking of manufacturers.

“We saw 30% growth in the first two quarters of 2022 – compared to the first half of 2021.”

Supply chain issues, relocation of manufacturing, labor shortages and stalled manufacturing are catalysts for the sector’s growth, he said.

“Companies must be competitive both locally and internationally.

“The days of regions relying on headquarters to produce and ship goods are over.”

What is presented by Universal Robots

Masa said: “We recently launched the UR20 – a next-generation collaborative robot (cobot) with a reach of 1750mm and a payload of 20kg.

“The higher payload and better reach make it the ideal solution for heavier palletizing tasks.

“Depending on the seal type, customers can also enjoy a 65% increase in speed and a 25% increase in seal torque capacity.”

Additionally, Universal Robots will further introduce visitors to some of the company’s most requested options.

“The UR10e has been upgraded to accommodate a 12.5 kg payload.

“It is one of our most versatile and popular cobots and is well suited to applications such as machine maintenance and palletizing, which are very popular applications in the local market.”

Finally, Masa said that Universal Robots will present a new welding application demonstration at Expo Sydney.

“Globally, the automation of welding applications remains one of the main requirements of our customers.

“A cobot adds flexibility, efficiency and freedom to welding processes.

“Plus, when the task is done, it can be easily redeployed to other areas where it can add value.”

Masa said, “Companies large and small are reaping the benefits of automation.

“It is no longer a well-being, it is now a necessity to help companies remain competitive.

“Responding to this imperative perfectly sums up the objective of this show.

The Modern Manufacturing Fair takes place 20-21 September 2022 at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. It is designed for key decision makers and management looking to explore the latest automation and digital offerings for future growth and presents a showcase of technological advancements towards innovative operational practices for manufacturers. Free registration to the exhibition here. Smart Manufacturing Conference Registration here. Registration for the Sustainable Manufacturing Summit here. For further information: Margo Metcalf IEC Group, [email protected] or 03 95969205.

Image: Universal Robots

Melvin B. Baillie