Valley News – Forum, April 2: US continues to defend itself

Published: 02/04/2022 05:01:10

Modified: 02/04/2022 05:00:05

The United States continues to defend itself

During a recent conversation in which I pointed out that the war in Ukraine was a competition between the first and second most corrupt governments in Europe, the other participant replied: “So? During World War II, we sided with the Soviet Union against Germany, even though we knew what evil creatures they were, because the Nazis were the greatest evil right now. Here, Putin is by far the greatest evil.

This statement is an excellent summary of a widely held belief about American involvement in World War II. Moreover, this opinion is quite a testament to the adage that winners write history and a prime example of manufacturing consent. Here is the historical record of American support for the Soviets during World War II:

■ August 23, 1939: Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact.

■ September 1, 1939: Nazi invasion of Poland.

■ September 17, 1939: Soviet invasion of Poland.

■ October 1940: FDR declares: “Your boys will not be sent to foreign wars!” to a crowd that responded with delight.

■ June 22, 1941: Nazi invasion of the Soviets.

■ December 11, 1941: American declaration of war on Germany.

You don’t have to be a world-class swordsman to wield Occam’s razor with enough skill to see that the only moral calculation that worked was that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And when it comes to actual moral judgments, Churchill’s and FDR’s performances at the Tehran and Yalta conferences reveal some pretty rusty moral compasses. Six years after Britain entered the war to preserve Poland’s independence, they blithely condemned Poland to half a century of Soviet tyranny.

But what about contemporary moral calculations? As revealed by the Panama Papers, Zelenskyy and his cronies control offshore assets worth tens of millions of dollars. Will any of them be liquidated to support the 100,000 Ukrainian refugees heading to America? Or are they relying on the seemingly unlimited willingness of American taxpayers to borrow money from China?

Kevin Tyson


Consider a different approach to childcare

With after school programs closing, it seems to me there is a golden opportunity for local senior centers to step in and care for elementary school children after school.

There are nursing homes that are also day care centers where the residents interact with the children and the children have a lot of grandparents. It works for everyone. Such after-school care in senior centers would provide purpose and activity for adults and children and would be good use of the facilities.

Add a connection to local libraries and everyone will be enriched.

One could envisage such a program continuing throughout the year for the benefit of the whole community.

Susan Brown


The staff at Springfield Hospital are exceptional

Recently, a cherished member of the family fell ill and passed away at Springfield Hospital. In the difficult hours we fought to save my brother’s life, we couldn’t have been more comforted by the Springfield emergency department and floor staff. Julie, Carla, Joella, Chris, April and Louisa are part of the incredible team. Also Kate, Perla, Alexis, Alissa, Melissa, Nikki, Taryn, Mary, Sherry, Nikki, Bri, Gabby, Red, Ella, Karen and Lyndsy. You and the other people I may not have mentioned have given Steven the best care he has ever received. Thank you all.

Devon and Jill Barger


Melvin B. Baillie