Valley News – Forum, April 21: SB 418 threatens NH voter rights

Published: 04/21/2022 12:01:01

Modified: 04/21/2022 11:59:44 AM

SB 418 threatens the rights of NH voters

The New Hampshire Legislature is preparing to undermine the right of New Hampshire residents to vote. Senate Bill 418, slated for a vote on April 21, makes same-day registration unnecessarily burdensome and potentially violates the privacy of same-day voters because their ballots will be individually scrutinized by election officials. Please urge your state representatives to vote no on this latest attempt to undermine democracy in New Hampshire.

Caroline Gordon


Christina Nolan would bring a new perspective to Vermont

I read Forum contributor Judy Phillips’ April 12 letter and agree with her request (“Consider Christina Nolan for US Senate,” April 12). Please consider Christina Nolan for the US Senate in November in Vermont. She is not a career politician, with a “million dollar war chest” like her Democratic opponent.

Christina Nolan is a former U.S. District Attorney in Vermont, implementing “law and order” consistency in her office. It respects the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and its amendments.

Since the Democratic administration took office in January 2021, it has opened our country’s southern border to millions of illegal immigrants and drug addicts. No background checks or disease tests in a country mired in a COVID-19 pandemic. This border and this flow of immigrants and drugs continues unabated to this day!

Even before this administration took office, it campaigned on “defunding the police,” and in many Democratic-run cities, police numbers were cut. But now the country has suffered an incredible increase in “violent crime”! There is a cause and an effect.

Inflation is now at a 40 year high with no end in sight. Depleting our country’s “strategic oil reserves” by ⅓ and buying oil from Russia, Venezuela and Iran, instead of drilling for the vast reserves we have here in the United States (in Alaska) is the “energy policy” of this Democratic administration.

Check out the polls! Most Americans realize that this administration has greatly disappointed its citizens! Why send another Democrat to Washington, DC, to observe this disaster? Vote for Christina Nolan in the US Senate, and pray that she will help change the direction of this failed “D” administration!

John Nelson


The theaters of the Haute Vallée offer a varied program

In a recent Valley News theater review, the author compares two local theatres, Northern Stage and Shaker Bridge Theatre, creating a narrative that one has sold splashy popular productions while the other strives to put on serious, thought-provoking, but less popular (“Art Notes: Two theatres, two plays and two directions”, April 14).

This characterization is not fair to either company. Perhaps the writer forgot some of Northern Stage’s more serious recent shows (Oslo, Citrus, Dutch Masters and Grounded come to mind). And the Shaker Bridge Theater has produced its share of hilarious comedies (Sylvia, Fully Committed and Taking Steps, for example). While the current shows display a stark contrast, to say they’re emblematic of the different paths taken by the two theaters is a bit of a stretch, given that both program a variety of plays that appeal to many different tastes.

So, for now, you can choose between musical comedy and an in-depth look at the intersection of civilization, warfare, and human emotion. Or you could do yourself a favor and see both! What a blessing for the Upper Valley to have such varied and talented local theater options.

Bill Schults


The United States should be more than just a spectator of Ukraine

As Russia openly prepares for its next phase of brutality in Ukraine, I can’t help but wonder if the world watching has any intention of doing anything other than continuing the sanctions, sending arms and to give a standing ovation to the “Brave Little Country That Could”?

What should We do? I do not know. I am not a politician, a diplomat, a military adviser, a member of the United Nations, a historian or a geopolitical scientist. There are thousands of them around the world, in key positions of influence, especially in developed countries. Am I to understand that all these brilliant, highly educated and well-resourced people are unable to come up with a bold and creative plan to outsmart a really horrible man in Russia?

Of course, reasonable people say (and should say): “We don’t want to start World War III. “We will be dragged into a nuclear war within minutes.” “We can’t do much because Ukraine is not a member of NATO.” But when we look back at our paralysis in the face of this blatant genocide, won’t we find our aspirations for a moral and ethical world order and, above all, our own humanity damaged beyond repair?

Can I suggest a small action? Is the Valley News please keep Ukraine’s story on the front page? It seems like the least we can do is remind ourselves to feel bad.

Joette Hayashigawa

Center of Thetford

Melvin B. Baillie